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Thursday, April 9, 2020

My CovBlog: Day 24


Alright quick one for today, 'cos how many adventures can one man, stuck at home for 24 days, have and not mention porn?

Well, I never run out of things to say. Ask anyone who knows me if they've ever seen me silent AND awake at the same time?

Today? Long day, but got lots of stuff done, so that was good. However, wandering out to the balcony I was robbed! All day sunny until I crack a beer and the clouds roll in like they were waiting for me to relax. I was mad and securely transferred my feelings to the cloud.

"You looking at me?"

The cloud drifted by with nary an error message so me and my jammie, jumper and beanie sat and sipped happily in the shade.


(I would have enjoyed my beer if I'd been in an Anchorage snowstorm, but that's a different story.)

Ohhhh! Part 1...

Several people, (yes, Ma....🙄)…. (<< What is he looking at? Making me nervous...) wondered what was in my care package that the other (better & sexier) half of M&M sent...

Let's go back in time, shall we!

I was running toward the sid--

NO!! Just tell us, for the love of Sunderland AFC, what was in the package??

Had fun opening my care package & after 14 handwashes, all was out!

Ohhhh! Part 2...

Speaking of beer, I started Round 3 of the Cider House Brews a couple of days ago. While different in scope to the similar-sounding 1999 movie, I continue to experiment on how to make the best possible home-brewed cider. ('Tis a difficult job being Head Cideree, but one must suffer for one's science.)

Pfft 2.0

Don't mind our wine-y Professor, Al Coholic. He's a nerdy cork who loves maths and stuff.

Life is so much more fun brewing cider. Caring for one's "Fermenter" is like being a Fosters parent in Australia, and now, if I'm locked down past my birthday, I won't need a store run to drown my sorrows 😇. (Please share if you need a restock of really, really bad pub-related jokes :)

Delicious (solar-powered:) cider in the making

The 23-liter (6 gal.) Fermenter (known in Dublin as a "Bucket") must sit there, examining the world like a nosy, old grandparent, (*via the grandfathered rule) excerpted from The Great, But Small And Yet Detailed Booklet Of Instructions.

On Page 3 (of 4) TGBSAYDBOI ("the booklet") calls for the Fermenter to be in a room where the average temperature is 20 - 30c (68 - 86f).

You must be bloody joking.

While one enjoys sampling a home-brewski or 16, one is not switching on the bloody heat to help along the process, no matter what Prof. Coholic says!

Patience is a virtue and anyway, solar power is good for the economy. Yeah! And stuff like that, too.

"Hello, children. This is your uncle Markito… don't be like me and buy cheap beer....sit in a cold room, wait a few extra days and make your own!"

(Ed. Note: Apologies. While I'm currently Covid free, I have, since Christmas 1993, had a terrible case of "Love Actually Quotes" syndrome.)

Books sunbathing when a bottle of hot sauce died in the cause of Delivery...

Ohhhh! Part 3A... Tomorrow will be my last post for this week.

(Quiet down! No cheering allowed:)

Not only is it Easter weekend (Are you heading home? :) but I'm planning to visit many awesome,❤ supportive blogger friends. Everyone's been so kind to comment -- and comment again so I absolutely need to crack a beverage and wander around going, "'Sup?"

(I'm truly shit at leaving brief comments so it will happily take awhile.)

Ohhhh! Part 3B... 

I realized the other week my blog will hit a *Big Milestone* soon.

I'd swerved out of the way of dealing with this months ago, especially on Hiatus, but then along came this Covid adventure... and the game is up, guv'nor.

My 500th post will drop Monday...

... and that's just Completely. Mind. Boggling.

I kinda have an idea what my favorite post (that I'll "reprint" one time only,) will be, but I'm not sure...

So... once I return from the blogosphere, me and a full cooler of cheap beer are getting shit-faced on the balcony while I spend many (and more than a few emotional) hours rewinding through this little blog that fucking could.


Mirjam said...

This is funny.....you mentioned “Pornhub” and a few Irish ☘️ expressions.....and then there’s nothing but silence ..... ��

CWMartin said...

I've tried the home brewing route, and discovered it's not quite my forte. Trying to convince myself to go alcohol free for Easter weekend... might trim it until the point that Our Lord took a sip of the "wine and gall on a stick" thing. Congrats on 500! Something I passed many moons ago...

Mark Koopmans said...

@Mirjam: Thanks my love! Always appreciate you stopping by:)

@ My favorite brother (I only have 1) Shush, don't tell her. I don't want to get battered by The Slipper!

@Chris: Dude, I bow down to your amazing ability to punch out 3 or more posts a week - every week.

Elephant's Child said...

This post briefly appeared in my feeder and disappeared. I am glad that my sherlockian instincts allowed me to track it down.
ONE tree for 100 videos is seriously mingy.
Love your care package.
Happy brewing, stay safe, stay well.

Jo said...

Well I personally don't like cider. Horrid stuff. Mind you I'm not a beer drinker really either. Now a nice scotch!! I'm amazed that you are nearly at 500 blogs, I too passed that number a long time ago. Have a Happy Easter and don'g get too pissed.

Lisa said...

Hahaha! Love the Pornhub meme! Great care package! Glad you're experimenting with ye olde cider and keeping busy. Have to say, I'm glad I'm "stuck" at home with hubby and son instead of alone. Glad you're holding up and keeping us in giggles!

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