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Monday, June 24, 2019 9 comments

Of 9,000 miles in 75 Hours - Monday Musings


Oh this will be a short one as I sit in a Herndon, VA, hotel room at 04:33 with annoying acquaintance, Jet Lag, beside me.
My 3 sleeping boys are in the bed above me as I enjoy the extra blanket and steal the duvet cover (after I missed the part in the booking process that the hotel has no fold-out beds!)

The main point of this post is to share a cool stat: I sincerely love my 3 boys because I'm in the middle of traveling nearly 14,000 km (+/- 9,000 miles) in 75 hours to pick them up and bring them to Spain for a month (and it’s  going to be *so* much fun opening their eyes to the fact there is no GameStop or McDonald's on every 4-way junction:)

One asked if they could have a proper meal before we leave later as "there's no good Spain food" and "could we get face masks because everyone in Spain smokes?"

Er.... No.

Watch this space as 3 beautiful, kind, loving (but oh so terribly spoiled American) boys have the eye-opening time of their lives:)
Wednesday, June 19, 2019 2 comments

Midweek Moments: Heartbeat City - The 12"-inch version


Yes, I know.

I'm pushing the 80's music, but hopefully some will remember this (and future Midweek songs) and smile at the memories.

Taken with my simple, one-push button, but *actual* camera...

Same sexy moon, this time via the camera phone (I never knew!!)

Boys: Just ask. I'll explain :)

*So* out of my OCD must-have-gas-at-all-times comfort zone!

Move #59 begins

A different kind of shopping!

Love how the cat and the pigeon can co-exist - for this moment anyway :)

A man and his busy homing pigeons...

Meanwhile, a man and a relaxed dog...

...plus a glass of Rueda...

...equals easy times for someone!

Monday, June 17, 2019 8 comments

Of Christmas Trees in June...


I was Skyping with my 3 boys the other day when Son #1 asked (in a shocked, capitals-only voice) why was there a CHRISTMAS TREE in the background?

I explained it to him and only took down the Christmas tree only a couple of nights ago because I'm moving at the end of the month. At the current place, I didn't have many personal effects on the walls, but this little plastic Christmas tree meant a lot to me because it was something that Mirjam and I did together.

But, as I was packing away the dusty decorations I thought of Son #1's questions and wondered why don't we use the power of Christmas and its trees more often?

Love Actually is a special, smile-making movie to many people, including myself, because it knocks it out of the park when it comes to feelings of love and family and good times spent together.

We smile, nod and say hello to strangers in December.

Why don't we do it in February?

And, why can't we have "Christmas tree moments" in June, July, March, or even January?

I would love your comments, because I don't have any answers.

All I can say is that happy memories/moments kick the shit out of the crappy doldrums and when I move into my new place, the first thing that's going up is my little Christmas tree that could.

Friday, June 14, 2019 7 comments

Friday's Musings: Of Many Errors & Trials


All I know is that if someone I trusted was to roll on up to me right now and offer one of those perfect, open-arms, no judgment-eyes hugs, I would probably break down and cry my heart out like I've not done in more than a few years.

One thing I supremely detest about social media is that we only post the best news and the most filtered pictures because we're all trying to beat the most recent happiest of happiest of moments on our inner (or Internet) timeline.

God knows (as do my 3.8 followers) that I do it, too, but this little blog of mine that can - especially on Facebook (insert iconic, ironic sound here) - still remains after nearly 8 years a place that my 3 boys can visit later if they want to learn more about me.

So, this is another punch-you-on-the-shoulder love letter to you guys about always being honest. And hey, shit, it's not as if I do it all the time - (see above :) but this is one definitely one of those times, ok?

The other day, I officially announced that my six-month job working at a commission-only, Spanish real estate agency hadn't worked as hoped and I'd landed in a deep, deep financial, friendship, family and relationship hole.

As I spoke aloud of all the shitty things that were happening all at the same time, of course (!!) I was in simple awe as I listened to myself verbalize how much I've fucked up my life.

However, a small piece of me knows I'm down on my knees for a reason that will make sense one day. (It's just no fun living the longest day that's cost so much.)

But I'll never quit on myself - or Spain.

I still have my faith, and the saddest thing is that I listened to Christian music as I wrote this and I belted out the words to so many songs (like You are Holy by Michael W. Smith) but haven't listened to for so long, because I thought I knew best.

Silly Koopmans.

PS: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol is another great song, but if you're ever lucky to listen to this one with your girl leaning or sleeping against your shoulder while on a road trip... life will never be the same again. 

(An hour later, and I'm already more positive than I've felt in a long time. Music is powerful, as is a positive message, something I've been lacking in for quite a while.)

Yes, I accept and take full responsibility for the choices I've made and will live through them and turn the corner whenever that comes because this, too, shall pass. I've never been so humbled as I have been lately and perhaps I had it coming because things were running so smoothly and pride definitely goes before the falleth, but like I said, I'll never quit, nor give up.

Can't wait to see you 3 boys in nine days. You are, as always, but especially at this moment, the shining light in my tunnel.

I love you guys.

PS: These last 7 months are definitely getting their own chapter in the memoir/WIP :)
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