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Wednesday, January 29, 2014 21 comments

"You Snooze, We Muse!" Charlie's Scribes Opens Feb. 5



Elizabeth Seckman

Tammy Theriault

(& the token bald guy) Mark Koopmans.

We are Charlie's Scribes...

Coming Soon.... Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014.

Friday, January 24, 2014 28 comments

"You Know You're A Parent When..." #16 (Photo Caption Edition)


Scary how time flies when you're rushing after three little minions, but it's been three months since I've added to my ongoing series called "You Know You're A Parent When..."

Here are some of the latest escapades!

You know you're a parent when...

Discovering the kids' Shuttle is a *match* for the one on the screen: Priceless

...You're standing outside the classroom, just chilling and waiting for No. 1 Son. The bell rings and your little first-grader comes out the door and promptly flips you the bird.

"Papa, I got a yellow card for doing this," said the little man with a sad face as he flips you off again while you cough and smile at the mother who clutches her daughter and walks rushes by.

"Whoa, dude, what's going on?" says you, knowing little man doesn't know the true meaning (yet, sigh) of the flying finger.

"Papa, I was only pointing at something, but teacher said this is a bad word without talking?"

"Yes son, it is."

(There followed a quick and immediate lesson in which finger one should point with.)

"Well, at least you only did it the once and now you know the importance of pointing with your index finger."

"Papa, I did it three times."

(There followed a quick and immediate apology to the teacher - and a review of newly learnt pointing skills.)

Whee... "Kids, come look. This is Papa with too much time on his hands..."

Relieved parents discover latest hiding spot of No. 2 Son

...While No. 3 Son decides to think inside the box...
The panel of Three Sons decide the Angry Birds must walk the plank

No. 3 Son takes "Looking In The Fridge" to a new dimension

No. 1 Son shares a fishing lesson to his brother: "No, smack the wood in the water like this..."

While No. 3. Son says, "Enough with the drama. I'm running away to Hawaii."

Who needs an iPad when there's magical misty rain coming out of a tree?

 And finally... you know you're a parent when, after the clothes are cleaned, you remove TWELVE toy cars from the washing machine (so *that* was what the clanking, banging noise was)...and wonder if the Guinness Book of Records has a category for "Most Hot Wheels Found In A Pair Of Kids' Shorts..."

At least they're clean... "Kids, who wants to suck on a car wheel now?"

PS... This series obviously would never be possible without the kids and - as today is our 10th wedding anniversary - I wanted to thank God for His many blessings and thank my wife for her patience and love:)

Monday, January 20, 2014 20 comments

Love Is In The Air bloghop - Mark & Juliet's scene (from Love Actually)


The fabulous writers over at Unicorn Bell (you simply must go check them out, dahling) are hosting a Love Is InThe Air Blog Hop.

From their site:
It's a celebration of that little thing called love. Be it steamy or sweet, puppy, kitty, teen, aggravating, first kiss or final goodbye, let your scene tug at our heartstrings. Post your stories of love on Monday [through Friday], visit, comment, enjoy the fun!

I’m keeping it simple – and PG – by sharing one of my favorite movie love scenes. If you’ve ever watched Love Actually, you’ll smile as soon as you click on this video.

To set up the scene (in this 2003 romantic comedy set in Christmastime London,) Mark is in love with Juliet (who is newly married to Mark’ best friend, Peter.) Mark, however, has always been cold and distant toward Juliet - he calls it self-preservation - until now…

Keira Knightly plays Juliet and fans of The Walking Dead will instantly recognize Andrew Lincoln.

In my formerly single days, I never did try the oversized cards move, but I love the concept :)
Have you ever tried this? Did it work?
What if someone tried it on you? Would it work?
Click here to enter and/or read some more entries.
Friday, January 17, 2014 23 comments

ColumBEAN Coffee Hop (pick me, pick me!!)


Michael Di Gesu is hosting the Coffee Blog Hop today and the only requisite to winning a pound of delicious ColumBEAN coffee is to winningly explain why you (no...me, me, me) loves coffee.

Here are three good reasons why I, like a drip, simply adores coffee:

#3: Coffee supports me.
I'm a stay-at-home dad to three boys under the age of seven, so I drink about ten cups of coffee a day just to keep up with the minions rushing around.

#2: Coffee loves ME.
Buying decaf is like cheating on my beautiful beverage. The smell of freshly roasted beans in the morning (or afternoon) evokes feelings of a fresh start - a project begun - a new day and even the occasional happiness of all-the-kids-sitting-quietly-on-the-couch time.

#1: Coffee is a K-Cup
With nary a brassiere in sight, the number one reason I love coffee is because of the Keurig K-Cup brewing system.
 Since the dawn of the drip coffee machines, these fantastic Coffee Machines are like the Best invention ever. (Personally, I've always felt the wheel was a tad over-rated.)

With a Keurig, which means "neat" in Dutch, (those clever clogs) all you do is switch on the machine, place your favorite Pod in the dispenser, close, add water and choose the size of the cup.

Fresh. Delicious. No-mess. *Strong.* Coffee. In A Minute.

What is there not to love ;)

In fact, if I were a matchmaker, I would nudge Spotify to marry Keurig and life would be musically reinvigorating.

Thanks to Michael for a fun Blog Hop and if you want to join, click here for the link.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 17 comments

Michael Di Gesu Asks: "Spare a Blog Hop for a Cup of Coffee, Pal?"


The devilishly handsome (I'm not jealous of his hair :) Michael Di Gesu returned recently from what sounded like an amazing trip to Columbia.

One of the benefits of his vacation is that several of us are going to get hooked up by a brother from another mother.

Michael is hosting a Columbian Coffee Blog Hop and will give away several one-pound bags of 100% Columbian Coffee!

The rules are as easy as pie, and in Michael's own words:

"Are you ALL ready.... This is going to be a super fun HOP!

All you have to do is tell me what you LOVE about coffee ... AND ... A few random winners will receive ONE POUND OF PURE COLOMBIAN COFFEE! YUMMY!

I almost HATE to give it away, but I want to share with you guys... I can only ship in the US ... so I hope my international pals understand.... The mails are so expensive these days..."

If you're a coffee drinker, this is a I-gotta-enter-this-one type of hop - and if you're not a coffee drinker, (what's wrong with you :) do please remember that ANY of your coffee-drinking friends would love to receive this as a present (yes, I would :)

PS: I really love how that blouse/sweater and leggings/jeans (choose as applicable) looks on you. It makes you look so young and vibrant.*

*(Yes, I will grovel to win one of the bags of coffee.)

Michael's Coffee Blog  Hop is THIS Friday and the Link is HERE.

Friday, January 10, 2014 34 comments

Jan 10, 1989 - now = 25 years of adventures :)

Me, my hair and I (circa July 1989)

I was about to close down and head to sleep when I saw the date: Jan. 10, 2014.

Oh my gosh...

That day has always had a special meaning, because it was Jan. 10, 1989 when I sprinted from left my hometown of Dublin, Ireland "for just a couple of months."

The idea was I would spend time with family members who live close to Amsterdam, Holland.

I'd experience a new culture, hopefully the jobs situation would pick up and I'd move back to Dublin.


I was nineteen, Amsterdam was a mere fifteen minutes away... and it's now exactly twenty-five years since I lived in Ireland... wow ...

I won't bore you with any (more:) of my goings on between the two dates, but thought it would be fun to share this silly anniversary - and warn everyone that what is here today may not be hair tomorrow :)

Happy weekend everyone :)

Serving me Da another Heineken at Van der Valk in Volendam :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 36 comments

IWSG and the Six Million Dollar (advance) Man :)


(Directed by Alex J. Cavanaugh)

Scene 2014 – Take 1

No excuses, (well, I have plenty – don’t want to bore you!) but 2013 could have, should have been for me a much stronger year as a writer, only I let myself down time and time again.
However, it’s a new year and there will be many writerly challenges ahead of all of us, I’m sure.

Barbers Point, HI, New Year's Day, 2014

But, with a new dawn comes a new day – and a fresh start.

I’ll remain insecure about achieving my writerly goals, (who doesn’t?) but I’m tired of procrastinating and/or doing other “important” stuff (like reading about the Angels) in my limited writing time.

Hope and Change has worked for some, but I’m focusing on Write and Now. I don’t want to be the one who continues to cause a fail.

Richard Anderson as Oscar Goldman
For 2014, my mental strength is reset on FULL and if I can paraphrase the words of the immortal Oscar Goldman: Gentlemen, we can rebuild his WIP. We have the technology to fix his grammar. We have the capability to build the world's first really bald author. Mark Koopmans will be that author. Better than he was before…


PS: Here’s to your success as we move forward in this awesome writing community of ours.
While I may not be the Six Million Dollar advance Man by year’s end, I do aim to be better, stronger and faster!

Thursday, January 2, 2014 25 comments

New Year means it's time for Kimberly Afe's New Book


It’s the second of January, so I hope your eyes don’t glaze over when reading the words “Happy New Year,” but I sincerely wish everyone a, well those words above :)

I want to begin with a heartfelt appreciation for the amazing feedback I received before, during and after the 50 States of Pray event – and would love to make this an annual event. (Score one for the good guys :)

To get 2014 off to a positive start, I’d like to help share Wednesday's launch of Kimberly Afe’s new book, THE HEADHUNTERS RACE.

In her own words, here’s Kimberly's journey to publication.

The Headhunters Race has a bit of a long journey.  The idea was born on June 26, 2011 after a Zelda game commercial inspired me.  The commercial was brilliant and I thought why can't they make a movie that cool?  And then I thought, why don't I write a cool adventure myself! 

So I brainstormed this story with my son over a dinner of spicy spaghetti a couple of nights after the idea came to me.  We worked out the entire novel:  the characters and their motivations, the world, and the details of the race as I frantically wrote it all down.  My husband and daughter also helped me brainstorm items that I needed worked out.  I then spent a little while playing around with Avene's voice and then wrote like crazy.  I finished in December of 2011.  I actually started having critique partners read it in November of 2011 and began querying agents in January of 2012 after more revising.  I also entered it into a few popular contests around the blogosphere in early 2012.  Then I took a very long break due to life circumstances with hubby’s heart and moving.  Early this year I got back into writing.  I’d been thinking about self-publishing for quite a while so when querying a few more agents and a handful of publishers didn’t work out, I decided to go for it, and now, 2 1/2 years later, the book is out there!  Wahoo!

Super congrats, Kimberly, and good luck with this and your future books :)

Book Summary

Sixteen-year-old Avene was sentenced to prison at thirteen for a crime she didn't commit. Now she has a chance to win her freedom back – if she enters the Headhunters Race. Second prize isn't so bad either, an upgrade to the Leisure Prison if you make it to the finish line. To win either prize, Avene and the other prisoners must navigate one hundred and fifty miles of dense forest, desert, and worst of all, cannibal territory.

With a mechanical collar timed to strangle the prisoners if they're not back in nine days, Avene allies herself with seventeen-year-old McCoy, another prisoner that insists on helping her at every turn and a boy she's trying hard not to fall for. Together they battle nature, other prisoners, and the timed death collars to win the coveted prize. But when Avene is tested with one deadly conflict after another, she realizes there is more at stake than winning her freedom – first she has to survive. 

Author Bio

Kimberly Afe is the mother of two awesome kids, wife of the nicest man in the world, and her dog's best friend. She works by day and writes middle grade and young adult science fiction and fantasy novels in her spare time. She lives with her family in the beautiful Sonoran Desert.

Kimberly’s Social Sites:

Website     Goodreads     Twitter     Facebook     Blog  

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