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Tuesday, March 17, 2015 33 comments

REVIVAL Finds a Home & a St. Paddy's Day Podcast

Aloha, and happy St. Patrick's Day!

My first book -- a memoir of an opera singer who lost his voice and found his calling -- has a home!

REVIVAL: The Donald Braswell Story will be published Nov. 3, 2015 by Pen-L Publishing, based out of Fayetteville, AR.

This has been a six-year journey, and my -- I have no agent -- only goal was to find a publisher who believes in the power of Donald's story as much as I do.

More information to follow, but it's going to be a very interesting journey over the next eight months. I hope you'll join me for the ride.

In other fun news, authors, Carrie Butler and E.J. Wesley of NA Alley, invited me to be their guest today for a very special St. Patrick's Day Alleycast #7 podcast.

If you've always wondered how a young Oirishman named me found himself working as a cowboy at "EuroMisery," or how I found my way to the good ol' US of A, click the play button below.

At the beginning,there's lot of fun stuff with Carrie and E.J. (who releases a lot,) and I begin yapping at about minute marker 22.)

During the terribly serious* discussion, I share much of my long and winding writing journey and explain why you should never kiss the Blarney Stone. [*No leprechauns were harmed in the making of this interview.]

Want more information on REVIVAL, including a unique Launch Day surprise? Sign up for the Koopmans Khronicles via the prompt up at the top. Trust me, you won't be spammed.

To be shure, to be shure, I'm wishing you and yours a very happy Paddy's Day... and don't forget to do your exercises!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 22 comments

#amwriting, am moving & ready to share!


"Blogger Friends, Romance readers, countrymen, lend me your ears!"

Because, well, mine have been packed.

"Er, has anyone seen #3 Son...?"

Our home is in crates and I'm still cringing at how much dust/French fries/popcorn/missing toys were found under the couches, cabinets and TV stands.

One of the boys went running for a fry and I was like, "Stop!! The McDonald's Forensic Anthropologist Team need to preserve the evidence. FAT will stay for as long as it takes."

"Ah, there you are! Yes, stay outside the paper. Good boy!"

I'm writing from a hotel room in a low chair with a high table (trying desperately to prevent the blood in my arms from pooling in my elbows)

This place is one of four we will sleep in over the next twelve days.

As we pull down the shades on Hawaii and get ready to kick open the door to Virginia, I can't wait to re-experience that simple thing people on the Mainland call "access." Sure, I'll go visit that White House thingy and check out the stuff at the Smithsonian, but I can't wait to reconnect with the important landmark places like Trader Joes and Panera Bread.

Several people have - upon receipt of my large stash of (expired) Blockbuster Gift Cards - wondered about my story and how weird my voice might sound considering I was born and raised in Dublin, but have lived in more than fifty places since I left Ireland in 1989.

 Blogger buddies and authors, Carrie Butler and E.J. Wesley of NA Alley (the information hub for New Adult Fiction) produce a themed monthly Podcast called Alleycast.

I'll be on with them this coming Tuesday for their special St. Patrick's Day podcast. During the interview, we'll chat about me, offer up a little info about St. Paddy, spend a good amount of time chortling (Carrie) and cackling (E.J.) while I remain very professional and don't mention any of my weird adventures while working throughout Europe and the USA.

Oh, and I can finally share a special announcement, which has been six years in the making.

Talk to you Tuesday and have a fantastic St. Patrick's Day.

PS: This will be my 20th Paddy's Day in the U.S., but I still get the *biggest* kick from the fact that most everyone enjoys being Oirish for a day.)

Stars & Stripes Flying Over Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 21 comments

ISWG: Is it still snowing in the Northeast :)


It’s Insecure Writers' Support Group time!

As always, a huge thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh, founder of IWSG and someone who amazingly, after three books and a fourth coming out next month, still has time to think, let alone be insecure :)

It's March 3, which means it's exactly two weeks until St. Patrick's Day, my favorite day.

(Some may not know, but I was born and reared in Dublin, but Paddy's Days (it's *NEVER* "St. Patty's Day :) were useless when I was growing up.)

So, how can I be insecure about everyone wanting to be Irish for a day?

Well, little leprechauns who want to mess with me lucky charms and large people who want to pinch me when I'm wearing a green body suit can be quite traumatizing....

(Or, hmm, is it the visual of a grown, bald man in a green body suit that's quite traumatizing?)


Anyway, I think I'll be okay, unless you're planning to kiss the Blarney Stone before March 17 - Don't do it...

 See, not only are authors Carrie Butler and E.J. Wesley of NA Alley (the information hub for New Adult Fiction) busy with their writing careers, they also produce a themed monthly Podcast called Alleycast.
With this in mind, they decided to find a charming, articulate and photogenic Irishman to be their St. Patrick's Day guest.

When they couldn't find one, they called me.

The hour-long interview was a lot of fun, and it's scheduled to go live on St. Patrick's Day.

Carrie, E.J and me* post podcast                                    (*Not the actual people.)

Highlights include how I got my first writing gig and became a newspaper journalist (with no degree nor experience) It's the Irish charm, I'm telling ye!)

Oh, and then... there's a big reveal on the podcast, too :)

And *that's* the main reason I'm insecure this month:)

How will the news be taken? (Will the news be returned by a passerby who finds it huddling in a ditch?)

Plus, we're moving to Virginia in less than three weeks...

(No wonder I'm looking forward to Paddy's Day... someone save me an adult beverage!)

PS: With the upcoming move, Carrie, who also owns Forward Authority Design Services, is slowly redesiging my blog. There will always be aloha in my words, but the new location calls for a new title...

Have a great writing week, and I look forward to sharing the big reveal with you on St. Paddy's Day!

Lord Baldernot will return :)

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