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Friday, December 14, 2018 4 comments

Friday's Tapas, Tintos & Tiempo


In my new tradition of post-theming (so I don't go barmy trying to figure out what to write next) I'm ending the work week with "Friday's Tapas, Tintos y Tiempo."

As you may know, tapas are small appetizers or snapshot-sized versions of a restaurant's entrees or daily specials. Often, they're served free with a round of drinks, and as such, are a wonderful way to experience the delicious and amazing array of culinary wows in this kick-ass country. (And, who doesn't like free food, even if it's dodgy-looking!)

A tapa called Ensaladilla rusa - enough for 4 Russians, let alone one Irish guy!

But, Friday's won't be all about food. There's drinks to be celebrated, too, and a good glass of red wine or "vino tinto" must always be appreciated and encouraged. I will, therefore, research, discover and share the best wines I find... from the many lower shelves of my local grocery store - and promise to never mention the words "hint of blackberries and cassis."

My highly technical way of remembering which wines are good (on a 1-10 scale :)

Finally, as I've jumped heartily into everything Spanish, I've bounced again off the immovable wall that is the cultural differences (and remembrances) of Spain. I lived here once before in 1991 and of course, so much has changed, but so much is exactly the same.

Friday's will be a fun way to share some of my past and present adventures. To keep it simple, I'll pick three topics and share what I know (or expected) versus the new reality!

Honey, you got the rest of the building in your bag? I can't see it and shit, think I dropped it somewhere?

Hasta la vista, baby!
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