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Monday, January 21, 2019 3 comments

Monday's Musings - New Team/Picture


If I wasn't so follicle-y deranged, the last few months would've had me pulling my hair out. F'real. Y'all.


Happily, most of the unexpected, take-a-deep-breath moments are behind me, and I'll handle the rest, no bother. There's always a few, normal problems/projects/issues in life, isn't there?

Onward brave soldier, say I :)

"What's the worst that can happen" is also my new philosophy. Taught to me by a very wise, beautiful lady, I'm better prepared for the next, hidden life problem that jumps up like Cato scaring the crap out of Inspector Clouseau!

On the other hand, one hugely positive thing happened when I recently signed on with a small, but wonderful team of real estate agents who have both the passion and experience to succeed.

Team La Luna Properties

I love the flexibility and camaraderie of our small, growing brand run by a young, professional husband & wife partnership that's 100% invested in the success of their casera team. 

Working hard to find a cozy home for a first-time buyer and building relationships with clients looking to sell a house that's grown too small isn't a job - it's a huge challenge that I love. It's all about being honest and taking care of people - and I'm an expert in doing just that for 30+ years.

Should you know anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Costa del Sol, Spain, please check out our website. I know a guy who knows a couple that can make it happen :)

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