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Wednesday, August 14, 2019 5 comments

3 Boys in 30 Days: Part 4 - Land & Seascape of Peniche


On Monday, I shared how the boys and I ended up in Portugal and the fun we had. In this final part of my mini-series revolving around the adventures of the boys travelling to Europe for the first time together, I want to say cheerio to charming Peniche through some of the pictures I took of this wonderful, hidden (at least to me) area of Portugal.

We had a wonderful time and I hope we get to return there one day in the future.

We found this bay close to our place the first afternoon we got there, but there was so much seaweed...

See the 3 red chairs on the edge of the "cliff?" There's a bar 50 yards away, so some of the regulars relax on what is a unique seating area!

Our place was the open window, upper left. The snack bar was an interesting place, with an unusual (for the boys) smell wafting upwards most nights!

While it was windy, at least it was safe to swim in the ocean.       Oh. Wait...

The Bay of Rock Formations*                (*Possibly not its real name.)

Ok, I made one, too :) So much fun!

Peniche is such a cool place. In places, it's easy to see nothing has changed in hundreds of years.

...And then there's my second rock formation, which was made 3 weeks ago.

Some over-achievers really went all-in to make the coolest formations in the strangest places!

Top of the hill, overlooking the cold Atlantic ocean. I wondered what was he thinking about?

Part of an old fort in the foreground and an old windmill in the background.

At least I think it was an old windmill... in theory, it could also be a large, prototype Dalek?

Signs that the town (it's bigger than a village) still has fishing in its veins...

View from the fort toward the beach where we spent so many cloudy days!

That seaweed from earlier? This is one way the town gets rid of it all - and there's a lot!

I haven't used any special filters here, but what a difference when the sun came out!

One of the boys found this old Pepsi bottle cap... haven't seen this logo for donkey's years!

Sailing home after (I'm sure) another day's hard work...

#1 Son got a hold of my phone and changed some settings - and took this cool picture:)

A boy and his thoughts blend into the wild surroundings...

On our last full day, the sun returned and the low-tide revealed an "island" that we hadn't seen in all the other days on the beach.

Which meant, of course, the "island chain" had to be explored forthwith!

One of the walls of the old fort in the background...

A statue for some, a resting place for others...

When you go to the Peniche Tourist Office - know that you will be in safe hands!

(At least) one old fort gate is still in use and leads to a bridge...

...Same bridge from a different view on top of the fort's walls.

Monday, August 12, 2019 6 comments

3 Boys in 30 Days: Part 3 - Peniche & the Rocky Beach


After spending three weeks on the Costa del Sol and inland near Granada, it was time for the last leg of the boys' month-long trip to Europe.

We drove 8 hours to a sleepy village in Portugal called Peniche (about 90 minutes north of Lisbon, but its at the tip of a small peninsula.) The main reason we chose it was because the apartment was only a 5-minute walk to the beach and that appealed to me and the boys both! We'd driven about 1,700 miles, so it was nice to park the car and forget about it for a week.

Had a wonderful time, but amazingly only got 3 sunny days, so when they happened, we jumped on them!

PS: The pictures with the "rock formations" below are something I've never seen at any other rocky beach in my life - and trust me, I've been to a few. Has anyone else seen anything like this before?
It was so much fun finding this beach, and then seeing the thousands and thousands of little rock formations built by those who came before us. Naturally, the boys and I made a few dozen of our own and kept this cute tradition going. (And, from now on, whenever we find a rocky beach - and there's no formations built yet, we're going to build some - and see if they come :)

First things first, one must create a sand angel...

...A heart...

...And finish by burying one's brother up to his neck!

Time for a cute selfie with Papa :)

The waves always won, but the boys loved trying to keep them at bay!

Super excited to see #2 Son asked for a notepad and wrote a story during the trip! 

Crabbing. A right of passage and a job well done, lads.

On one of the cloudy days, it was decided a castle was to be built.

Then, the drawing of the world's worst hopscotch ended in fits and giggles.

Superhero capes had to be worn - and tested :)

Some well-earned downtime was had - by all of us!!

So much fun finding this rocky beach and seeing all the unique rock formations!

#1 Son's first of many!

#3 Son decided to build two cars instead. (The imagination of children. I love it!!)

Some people got clever with their placement! I'm sure this local fisherman rolls his eyes a lot:)

I had to build one, too... When in Rome (or Peniche) and all that :)

Time for some more hill-climbing...

I told them to be safe - and they were - but still, I was glad when they were done building!

Break time = selfie time, apparently.

We made it to the "toppest" part of the hill. Another climbing mission done!

#1 Son will talk to anyone, I swear, and fair balls to him!

On the trek back down the hill.

While we waited for the sun to come out, we went on many explorations...

Who wouldn't want to dance and jump on a huge "bed" of seaweed?

Finally, the sun showed up and the low tide exposed an "island" behind #2 Son.

The water was so clear - and so much warmer - with the sun in town!

I said to this munchkin, just give me a normal smile, and off he went to the races :)

Somebody just loves the waves crashing over him!

The boys were so cute and made me a "windbreaker" so I could nap in peace:)

No photo bombers in this family!

Absolutely not, Papa :)

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