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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

My CovBlog: Day 23


Day 23: Tuesday, 7 April - With a face like mine, one must be prepared for life's many adventurous ups and downs.

That's what I tell myself as I wash me teeth, look in the mirror and wonder if it's Friday yet?

Until today, it's not been warm this week

In breaking news Sunday, (don't shake your head sir. It's a blog, not CNN :) the Spanish lockdown has (not unexpectedly) been extended to April 26.

However, may I say then (with a light dollop of abundance of caution) that I hope Sunday the 26th, the 51st occasion of my birth, will bring the Spanish people (and me! and me!) a special gift.

Best part of working from home? Me @ 4:59 p.m.

Whoooo... While editing the post, I realized the last two pictures (not staged in that order!) look like I've nooo sense of fashion (true,) but that I've also lost 6 inches in height, put on 100 pounds and have a 64-inch waist (which I will have if the lockdown continues much longer...)

Where was I?

In the meantime, maybe I can go to the store twice (the scandal of it all!) twice this week? I have an off-road shortcut into town, oh and then! I can see "my" puppy who's not had any treats for 24 days (but is healthy and safe.) I drove past his house Saturday, but didn't stop/block the way in case that was the moment the Guardia Civil came down the skinny lane.

Me at 5:01 p.m. (Leave the black socks alone, man! Better than white, like!)

(Oh, Senor Braveheart, where are you now? We want our Freeeeeeedddoooommmmmm (minus the head-chopping-off part, mind you.)

I'm expecting wayyyy too much, yes, I know that, but nothing ever really happened on my birthday, did it? (Ma might disagree, but I feel absolutely horrible and birthday-ly discriminated upon!)

Why do St. Paddy's Day kids; Christmas babies and all those lucky people who celebrate the 12th of June (when Ray Houghton stuck the ball in the back of the English net) get to have all the fun memories?

Ray Houghton heads home the winning goal for IRL v ENG in Euro '88❣❣

Me? The only major event on my birthday was the Chernobyl disaster, which happened April 26th 1986, and that's not particularly useful as a conversation starter in a room full of strangers, is it now?

It did warm up today, so cheers, proost y salud!
PS: Package?

What package?


Elephant's Child said...

Our biggest train disaster and a fire which destroyed 500 homes in my city both took place on my birthday (not the same one).
I do hope yours is memorable in a positive way this year.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mark - that's not the sort of photo you're getting from me!! Let's hope there's much improvement in sunny Spain - yes warmed up here too - by the 26th and you have something to celebrate as well as you're birthday. Enjoy the beer - take care ... Hilary

Elizabeth Seckman said...

You are stylin'! Quite the work from home style.

Marilyn Monroe died on my birthday. Seems we share tragic happenings.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My fashion sense at home isn't any better. Including the black socks.
Hopefully you and Spain get your freedom on your birthday.

CWMartin said...

Happy upcoming birthday! Now we know you're seven years behind me! BTW, you know they've been fighting a forest fire near Chernobyl this week...

Jo said...

Got you all beat. They gave me the Second World War for my birthday, my 1st birthday at that. Very unkind I thought, well not then, but thought it many years later. We oldies figure if we lived through a war, we can live through a virus pandemic. Slangevar

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