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Thursday, April 2, 2020

My CovBlog: Days 1 - 3


Nothing like a global pandemic to get one's arse behind the keyboard again.

It's been a few months since I've posted and the title of my blog is a bit ironic now! Have to say I was half-enjoying not having a blogging schedule, but for the past 18 days, me and the other 46 million residents of Spain have been under a strict lockdown. (Nod if where you live has joined the "club" by now.)

To help pass the time, I began a daily journal, thinking there might be, when this is all over, a book in there somewhere, but with my near-100 percent record of not finishing a book, I've decided to run a daily blog instead.

For the first few posts, I'll play catch up with highlights of these past couple of weeks and go "live" daily for as long as this lasts...

Settle in. I so want this to be a series of posts that ends soon, but we may be here for awhile...

How does this bloody camera work?

March 15, 2020: It's Sunday and after all the rumors and reports, resignation sets in as I wake to Day 1 of the lockdown.

It's official and I stand on the balcony practicing this new social distancing thing. I don't live in the loudest of communities, but can't see or hear a soul moving.

A delivery van sits in my line of sight to the street and the world beyond. It's Sunday, so I'm used to seeing vans and small trucks parked out there, but this already feels different. Wonder how long it's going to be sat there. I'm not being a snob, but realise the longer the van doesn't earn for its owner, neither does the driver, my unknown neighbor, who's normally behind the wheel.

Essentials Part 1. Kitchen towels, baby! No hoarding of toilet roll here :)

Day 2: Monday, March 16 - Thinking about the driver of the white van -- it's still there this afternoon.

This was my first full week of working at home and I'm humbled and lucky to have the security of a job. Having worked almost 20 years in the restaurant business, I still have many good friends in the hospitality industry. How will they cope? What will they do? How long will this last??

Essentials Part 2: Well, it was St. Patrick's Day (week:)

Day 3: St. Patrick's Day - Truly. The strangest and soberest Paddy's Day. Ever.

As we're all self-isolating, I spend an hour taking silly pictures of me in green and message them all over the world. I'm not a huge fan of social media, but it beats social distancing any day of the week, especially this day and I really enjoy a few hours going back and forth with family and friends, some of whom I haven't talked to in years.

Maybe its just the greenness of the day, but I get a real sense of people wanting and making the effort to at least answer the notification ding! a bit quicker than normal.

Giggling because I kept supping while forgetting to snap the damn picture!!

Coming Tomorrow... As I prepare for my first trip to the store, I need to find my lease and passport in case the Guardia Civil stop me...


Elephant's Child said...

We are not in 'complete' lockdown here yet. However my age and my chronic illness mean I am being strongly encouraged to stay home.
You have paper towels? And toilet paper? Both make hen's teeth look common here.
Stay well, stay safe, and thank you for returning to the blog. Worrying is perhaps my biggest talent...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

A lot shut down here three weeks ago and then we went into lockdown on Monday.
Sorry you had such a sobering St. Patrick's Day but at least you didn't spend it sober.

CWMartin said...

Basically a nod here, though not as bad as it is across the pond. I have seen news stories about your area, ever since our Pastor got back from there about a month ago. We were still open for work, but not for restaurants/bars on the 17th, so yeah. Hang in there, stay safe. I did some calculating with the WHO numbers, and the death-per-case ration there is about 4 1/2 times what it is here.

David Powers King said...

My area of the USA hasn't gotten too serious, but we are a step or two away from a lock down, I think. Glad you're hanging in there, and letting us know what's going on in Spain. Stay safe out there! :)

Dave Courtney said...

Hey Mark! Florida misses ya!

Unknown said...

Well done Mark, your always realistic even at the most sobering of times, but funny as fuck!! Well done!! Stay safe big bro!! Gobshite!! ❤

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mark - good to see you posting and having fun as we've come to expect of you ... taking a light take on life. That's a good idea to post every day during this trying time ... and I'm so glad you've got a job you can continue with. All the best - Hilary

Lisa said...

Yay! Now I have another way to pass the time and KNOW it won’t be “wasted”, time that is LOL! I’m glad you’re back!!! Our governor was ahead of the lockdown game so we’ve been staying home too, for a few weeks now, hence your news making me sooo happy!♥️🥳👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Jo said...

We've been on lockdown for a while, haven't counted the days. Always nice to see a blog from you my friend.

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