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Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday's Tapas, Tintos & Tiempo


In my new tradition of post-theming (so I don't go barmy trying to figure out what to write next) I'm ending the work week with "Friday's Tapas, Tintos y Tiempo."

As you may know, tapas are small appetizers or snapshot-sized versions of a restaurant's entrees or daily specials. Often, they're served free with a round of drinks, and as such, are a wonderful way to experience the delicious and amazing array of culinary wows in this kick-ass country. (And, who doesn't like free food, even if it's dodgy-looking!)

A tapa called Ensaladilla rusa - enough for 4 Russians, let alone one Irish guy!

But, Friday's won't be all about food. There's drinks to be celebrated, too, and a good glass of red wine or "vino tinto" must always be appreciated and encouraged. I will, therefore, research, discover and share the best wines I find... from the many lower shelves of my local grocery store - and promise to never mention the words "hint of blackberries and cassis."

My highly technical way of remembering which wines are good (on a 1-10 scale :)

Finally, as I've jumped heartily into everything Spanish, I've bounced again off the immovable wall that is the cultural differences (and remembrances) of Spain. I lived here once before in 1991 and of course, so much has changed, but so much is exactly the same.

Friday's will be a fun way to share some of my past and present adventures. To keep it simple, I'll pick three topics and share what I know (or expected) versus the new reality!

Honey, you got the rest of the building in your bag? I can't see it and shit, think I dropped it somewhere?

Hasta la vista, baby!


Elephant's Child said...

Looking forward to learning more.
And hope that none of the wine comes from the Vino Collapso vineyard (wine for lying down and avoiding).

Jo said...

I envy you Mark, I loved the time I spent in Spain, Alicante area, and particularly enjoyed our "tapas runs".

Lisa said...

I loved Spain too, when I was there, outside of Barcelona 🥰. So, was the building there the last time you were in Spain?

CWMartin said...

This should be interesting! The most I know about Spain culture wise came from Bill Shatner and his merry men...

Groovy said...

Mark, please......you should know by now....

You posted a picture of a "Ensaladilla Rusa"....A VERY SPANISH RUSSIAN SALAD!!!!

It’s one of the most common dishes in any Spanish tapas bar, and you either love it or hate it. I happen to LOVE it (and I know, so do you), ordering it without fail when we head down south to Malaga or up to Seville.... How many time did I make it for you? How many times did I give you the recipe? *SIGHS*...

Okay, okay.....say no more.....here's the recipe (so you won't loose it again!)

1 kg of potatoes, 1/2 kg of carrots, 1/2 kg of green beans, 1 tablespoon of capers, 250 gr of peas, 2 eggs, 160 ml olive oil, splash of sherry vinegar (or substitute red wine vinegar), can of paprika's ( or as you call them "bell peppers" - smoked), lemon juice, and as much mayo (casera) as the "Ensaladilla" can take, salt and pepper, two cans of tuna fish.

Preparation? So simple; boil carrots, potatoes eggs and beans & peas (if not from a jar - the Spanish really don't mind....), put everything (cold) in a big bowl, and mix :-)

So mark, what's with the "picos" this weekend?

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