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Sunday, April 5, 2020

My CovBlog: Days 13 & 14


Having procrastinated for the last 45 minutes, my always-on-random-play Spotify playlist clicked over to "Going the Distance" by Bill Conti from the ROCKY soundtrack and I'm like, OK, OK. Jeez, I'll start writing already.

(Stupid Spotify. I'm gonna change to iTunes.)

December 2019: How Alan, me, Emmet, Paul and Mark used to video call :)

Day 13: Friday, March 27, 2020 - You know things are so not normal when I wake up going, "Yes! It's Shopping Day today!"

After the weirdness of last Friday, I feel more comfortable, but retrieve my passport and lease--just in cases, (as Aurelia from Love Actually would say.) I filled up the 3/4-full car first and then headed to the store. The parking lot was as quiet as before with only a few, random shoppers on aisle 5 or anywhere else.

After an hour of mini-dawdling around, I had everything on the list. Great to see that all the fresh veggies were more or less stocked as normal (and the beer & wine aisles were completely restocked,) so, even though we have another couple of weeks to go... I know we're going the distance and will get through this.

Day 14: Saturday, March 28 - Been looking forward to this since Thursday. Today's the evening the lads and I are going to at least try to reconnect (remember, we're a bunch of 50-somethings that can text, but don't necessarily call their mates via Facetime!)

Clockwise: Liam, Steve, Alan & me.

As we were yapping throughout the day, I told them we'd try video calling on WhatsApp first (max 4,) and if more wanted to join, we'd switch to the House Party app (max 8.)

Suffice to say that after 2+ hours of bantering, slagging, teasing and grief-giving about various hair (or lack of) hairstyles, our virtual happy hour was a resounding success!! Highly recommended if you're still looking for a way to reconnect.

Emmet making some sideways comments :)

Many thanks to Alan, Emmet, Liam, Mark (who later made it onto the call:), Paul and Steve for their lifelong friendships❣

I'll let the pictures to the rest of the talking ;)

We're old... nearly time to go to sleep, lads :)


Elephant's Child said...

Those smiles are brilliant.
You got everything on your shopping list? You are doing a LOT better than we are.
Stay well and stay safe - and thank you for keeping us posted.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mark - as EC says ... those smiles and the laughs you're having ... wonderful you've been able to connect together this way. Take care ... and thankfully I've got all I need - even to see me through over Easter. My connectivity is limited ... and obviously much worse now - so I'll just be quietly here - talking to one or two as and when ... spotting friends around town/seaside when I walk around for exercise. All the best - Hilary

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you could spend some time chatting with your friends in a group. There are still ways we can connect!

Lisa said...

Wow! Two hours! You have some great friends there!!! So glad for you all that you have each other... great photos!

Jo said...

I can just imagine the language floating around there. Great that you could do that and the smiles are wonderful. We did something similar a year or two ago with the Fellowship of the Dragon, can't remember if you joined in with that or not. We used Google Hangouts.

CWMartin said...

Cool that it all worked out!

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