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Monday, October 7, 2019

Reuniting through WhatsApp


For many people on Facebook, joining groups of like-minded people, old friends or former workers is a great way of staying in touch, but with so much going on with Facebook, it can be easy to miss posts or comments from the group...

A couple of years ago a life-long friend of mine got the seven of us arseholes who grew up on the same streets of Dublin together on WhatsApp. Although some of us hadn't talked to one another for more than two sentences in more than two decades, we all joined in, and now we're yapping away whenever someone posts a "picture of current beverage" or has a snarky comment that must be replied to - forthwith!

(For anyone who doesn't know about WhatsApp, it's a free phone app/service [owned by Facebook] that allows messaging, calls and videos to be made between individuals and groups.)

Anyway, the other week, after another good session of laughter and bantering between some of me mates, I thought this is such a good idea - but why not use it for other groups of friends and colleagues that I miss and haven't talked to much?

Working for the former EuroDisney in 1992 was a life-changing experience for me and the months I spent at Annette's Diner, a 50's themed restaurant will never be beaten for the joy, fun, hard work and friendships made.

On 6 September 2019, I posted on Facebook that I was forming a WhatsApp group and invited all the former colleagues in my friend list to invite anyone that they knew.

Over the last few weeks it's been so great to catch up with some friends I haven't spoken to in decades and to hear and share what's been going on in everyone's lives. The 30th anniversary of Annette's opening is 12 April 2022 and we will be there - ALL of us, right T.T. :)

Thanks to Carrie and Marcy for sharing these memory lane pictures!! So, if you have some old buddies, mates or colleagues that you haven't talked to in donkey's years, grab your phone, send out a request and ask WhatsApp :)

The boss arriving at work :)

I think we were happy to be off work - and still amongst friends

Laying down for the good of the group :)

Luckily, Mark grew up and became less shy as time went by...

I still don't have any dance skeels - but the fanny pack is gone!


Elephant's Child said...

Have fun.
This dinosaur doesn't play FB and will probably not play WhatsApp either.

Jo said...

I don't have that kind of phone, so no go for me. You actually had hair in those pix. I didn't recognise you.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

How fun!!! I have some friends from high school that have a group on snapchat.

I am sooo glad to see that you finally came out of your shell!!! And hey, I had a fanny pack. That's what made us cool, right?

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mark - fun times by the sound of it ... and though I hate to say it ... 2022 isn't far away. People keep telling me I need to get on WhatsApp ... but I hardly 'do' social media ... still must get myself in gear.

Wonderful photos ... and glad you're keeping in touch with old friends ... take care - cheers Hilary

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

lOL. That barrier will certainly stand up to any contact. That cementery looks like something I saw on Supernatural once.

Kelly said...

May you always have the stars in your eyes and the harvest moon lighting your path. Cheers to one great friend of many!

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