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IWSG - 16 Weeks to Donald's Day...

Founded by Ninja Major (sel.) Alex Cavanaugh, one won't save 15% on Geico Insurance, but the Insecure Writers Support Group absolutely saves time and money by allowing copious amounts of time to be spent sharing worries, WIPS and warts.

For me, this month, I'm focusing in on Nov. 3, which is only sixteen weeks (or three IWSG posts) away...

That's the date my first book, REVIVAL: The Donald Braswell Story will be released.

Strangely, I'm not feeling insecure about the book - I've found a great publisher with an excellent sense of humor - so now it's "just" the marketing side of things I have to get my little bald head around.

I *DO* need some help to spread the word, so if you can hook a brother from another mother up, I solemnly promise to follow you on MySpace and send you a telegram of appreciation.

(Told you I have some marketing issues...)

But wait, there's more!

I'm planning something truly unique for the official launch party (more details to be shared over the next couple of weeks) but for now, all I'm asking is a show of virtual hands (and if you can Tweet/share this post, that would be most wonderful, too.)

Donald Braswell
If you haven't heard about Donald, or his *amazing* journey, the backstory is HERE.

So... interested in joining the REVIVAL?

Please let me know in the comments below. (It's a no-click, no-signing up zone.)

I will then grasp this pencil and paper thing I got for Christmas and write something called a list. (All listees will receive full details once we're closer to Nov. 3.)

 Cheers and Happy Fourth of July to everyone stateside:)

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