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Wednesday, September 2, 2015 9 comments

IWSG - Did a Book Tour Work For You?


Where has the year gone already? It feels like someone is stealing my months!
(Doesn’t it feel like it’s only been 15 years, eight months and two days since Y2K freaked us out.)
And, while that global cyber non-crash meant our $15-a-month AOL accounts and chat rooms remained up and running, just know it’s still *okay* to freak out the first Wednesday of each month. (Yes, younger reader, the oldies initially paid for the privilege of dial-up email :)
Anyway, where was I... oh yes, it's Insecure Writer’s Support Group time again!
Founded by Alex. J. Cavanaugh, who has a very special IWSG-related announcement—breaking today—so please head over and see what’s going on.

I’ll wait, (this pretentious $5.35 coffee is too hot to drink anyway.)

Welcome back (See, I told you!)

My main insecurity is probably similar to anyone who’s a couple of months away from the release of their book [cue dodgy horror music]: Marketing.

REVIVAL: The Donald Braswell Story comes out Nov. 3, and while my plans are percolating like a well-needed carafe, I’m starting to second-guess myself.

I’m not planning a cover release, and only a limited book tour, (mainly because I don’t think either work as well anymore.) But do they?

If I don’t use the usual routes (a plastic coconut bra/pen set giveaway will get me only so far…) how do I get the word out via the road less travelled?

Let me ask: Have you tried something new/different – and if so, what worked for you?

Happy IWSG to one and all – and don’t forget to check in with Melissa Maygrove and she where she’s ranking this month :)

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