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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Lovely Writers & 30th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall


I love how the response of my recent non-post spilled onto my last post, so may I start by saying I dearly and deeply appreciate everyone who comments here - there isn't many, and you bloody all know each other - and that's probably what I should have said re. the non-post, so there you go now!

In a "Only Happens To Me" memory, I woke up this past Saturday, 9 November 2019 to the news it was the 30th anniversary of the Berlin Wall falling. Oh no, not again. I groaned and did my own falling back on the pillow.
9 November, 1989... I'm the one in the.... no, wait, I'm not :(

It's like this, you see. Coming in currently as #17 of the Top Twenty Regrets in my life is missing out being there when the Berlin Wall came down Thursday, 9 November 1989.

I was working at a fancypants restaurant in Amsterdam, and with no cellphones or Internet in those (simpler!) days, there was always a large, grey plastic TV mounted to the corner(s) of the bar.

These days...

As the evening progressed, there was a huge swell of positive emotion between staff and guests. Guests grabbed seats, servers helped the bartender and soon it was standing room only as we all watched history being made -- sort of in front of our eyes.

That's when one of me mates said they were going to Berlin directly after work -- and there was a spare seat if I wanted to see history being made -- truly with my own eyes.
Love these "before & afters"

And, I like a thick Irishman, said no.

It was a 12-hour roundtrip and I had a shift Friday night, so I wussed out on one of the most wonderful and peaceful uprisings ever.

Typical Koopmans.

Forgets to write posts and skips wall coming-downs. Only happens to me.

Love. Actually. Can. 


SpacerGuy said...

The wall coming down and a pretty lady sucking on your face. What more can a guy ask for? 1989 was a cool year.

Mark Koopmans said...

@Spacer Guy: Sadly, that's *not* me, but it is a cool pic :)

Kelly said...

Dude,you should've went. Errrrr, you already said tht but it's worth mentioning again😅

Mark Koopmans said...

@Kelly: I know, I know, but the thoughts of a 12-hour drive was too much for my lazy, 20-year-old arse to deal with. #SoSad :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mark - life is life isn't it ... I was in South Africa ... so I certainly didn't much notice it - but since then I've been interested to read what happened. Did you ever get to see the film Good Bye, Lenin! - it is really enlightening: reminded me of work visit I'd made to Prague and Brno in about 1974 ... I've regretted things, but we always learn don't we ... take care - cheers Hilary

Mark Koopmans said...

@Hilary: Thanks for stopping by, as always! Life is definitely all about the learning curve :)

Elizabeth Seckman said...

My brother was stationed in Germany and used to walk the "wall" next to a Soviet soldier. (There was only a wall for so long, he said, the rest was a line or a fence, so they would walk side by side). I'm not sure if he was there and saw the wall come down, but he did bring home pieces of it. Unless that was illegal, in which case, I am lying.

Jo said...

We were living in NC at the time so didn't go and don't remember seeing it on TV. I wonder why. I concur, you should have got off your lazy arse and gone.

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