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Friday, November 15, 2019

IRELAND v DENMARK (Part 2) "The Musical"


As Ireland gets ready for its MUST WIN EURO 2020 qualifier against regular foes, Denmark (BOO!), this coming Monday, the Boys In Green played a friendly against New Zealand last night.

And, the result was a 3-1 win to us.

Jaysus... We won.

Sean Maguire: Man of the Match after scoring his first senior goal for Ireland

[Takes a deep breath and a second to enjoy the moment... they don't come around that often!]

Robbie Brady back after injury woes...and wearing the Captain's armband

In honor of this silly, friendly victory, I give you "Ireland v Denmark (Part 2 -- The Musical)" ahead of the main event Monday.

If you missed Part One, where I discuss how feckin' Ireland has been my ex-girlfriend for the last 30+ years, click here.

For now, feel free to wander around the musical offerings of Irish players, musicians, but mostly Irish fans "at work" over the last 30+ years, (I sense a "team.")

The BOYS IN GREEN shorts, (but they do have green jerseys, too!)

If you're rolling the eyes and only want the 8-minute highlights, *please* watch this video to see how the fans (did you know they're Irish) even had a sing-song cleaning their own garbage after the long day of festivities.

The Irish would go on to earn the "best fans" award from the French government following the end of EURO 2016. (As they do.)

On the other hand, if you have the time, knock yerself out with some of these video clips. I know me and my adult beverage spent a good few hours "researching" as we sung along!!

Click on any song name or video to begin smiling exercises.

"Joxer Goes to Stuttgart" (In honor of the EURO 1988 by Christy Moore)

"Put 'em Under Pressure" (Italia 1990 theme song!)

"To Win JUST Once" by The Saw Doctors (Any time Ireland goes to qualify!!)

Former International and Manager-for-the-2nd-time-in-20-years, Mick McCarthy, also loves a sing-song

Irish Fans Sing "Stand Up For The Boys In Green" (EURO 2012)

Fans Sing "The Fields of Athenry" (EURO 2012 - when we were LOSING 0 - 4 to Spain)

The Lads Seranade the French Girl (EURO 2016)

...And they Serenade the Baby, too! (EURO 2016)

Me and a friend in Holland, circa Italia '90

Photo Credits (except the last dodgy shot) via Seb Daly and Sportsfile.


CWMartin said...

I have to say, it is amazing how much more music gets involved in European sports. We get the Washington Senators doing the Baby Shark.

Mark Koopmans said...

@Chris: I wonder how many Nats' fans will be upset by that comment :) To this day, I still haven't heard/don't know what is/are the Baby Sharks, so I will keep this lucky streak alive for as long as I can!

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