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Friday, December 13, 2013

50 States of Pray: 34 U.S. & 9 Foreign States signed on!


Hope everyone has recovered from the fun that was CheersFest, and don’t forget to tune in to Tossing It Out this coming Monday to see who Lee picks as his two winners. (I just hope that Elise is making a Brown Jacket that Mini Alex can wear :)

Speaking of next week, the 50 States of Pray event is only eleven (shopping) days away, so here’s an update – as of Christmas Eve, 2013.

·         We have a total of seventy-six participants !!!

·         Thirty-four U.S. States are already represented

The “missing” eighteen seventeen sixteen States are:

·         Alabama

·         Arkansas

·         Idaho

·         Iowa

·         Kentucky

·         Maryland

·         Mississippi

·         Nebraska

·         New Mexico

·         North Dakota

·         Ohio

·         Oregon

·         Rhode Island

·         South Dakota

·         Tennessee

·         Vermont

·         Washington

·         Wyoming

So far, eight nine Foreign States are represented

·         Australia

·         Belgium

·         Canada

·         France

·         India

·         Jamaica

·         Mexico

·         Republic of South Africa

·         United Kingdom

 The U.S. States most represented, as of Friday morning, are California and Florida (both have four reps.)
The Foreign State most represented, as of Thursday, is the United Kingdom (four reps.)

 If you know anyone who’s interested in repping for one of the elusive sixteen, or to increase the nine overseas, please send them my way – or send them to the Linky list here!

(I'll continue to update this post as new states come in.)
Sincere thanks to everyone concerned for all your help in promoting and sharing information related to 50 States of Pray. This has been such a positive experience and I’m really looking forward to reading your posts.
See you on Christmas Eve :)

Santa & Mrs. Claus at the Honolulu City Lights


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

A brown jacket for Mini-Alex - he could sure use one now!
I know someone from Ohio! Will send her an email.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Karen Walker is from New Mexico. (The great town of ABQ.)

Arlee Bird said...

The new fashion trend--the brown jacket. Who would have ever thought?

Got some good states left. Surely someone will take those on. But you did get a good response and that's encouraging.


Donna K. Weaver said...

Slacker loser Americans! Just kidding.I think this is phenomenal. Remember, if you get someone else from Utah, I was born in Maryland.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Do they have internet in Wyoming? LOL. It's going to be fun.

StratPlayerCJF said...

Looking forward to it, Mark! I'm already starting to think of a prayer to post. :)

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Mini Alex sure has the blogging world loving him. I love you Mini-Alex. Oh and real size Alex. I'm so glad people are taking part Mark and even if you don't get every state. This is for a beautiful cause. Celebration, Prayer and Thankfulness.

Elephant's Child said...

I see that you have someone from Oz, so I will cheer you all on from the sidelines.

Unknown said...


Good luck on your fifty states...I'd only be #5 for Florida, anyway, but I'm taking the rest of the year off. Wanted to come by and wish you and yours the merriest of Christmases.

M.L. Swift, Writer

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

You're doing great, Mark. I'll put the word out as I can.

There are lots of surfin' Santas in CA too. The dude must be lovin our 50 degree weather.


Elizabeth Marro said...

Hi, Mark - I'll ask around. In the meantime, I've decided to take a team approach to New Hampshire. I've sent out requests to friends and family from the state so that we can all give voice on Christmas Eve. This is fun and very thoughtful of you to organize.

klahanie said...

Hey Mazza!

Gosh and golly, that was such a fun roasting of the Bird! :) Makes me want to do some um "Tossing". Yep, innuendo alert....

I'm sure the remaining States will soon be on board. Well done, bro.

Gary :)

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

Hi Mark, I just joined in at the Foreign state list LOL.
Waiting for the D day
good wishes

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mark .. sounds like a few more are added to the list - that's good.

Cheers and I love the Honolulu lights .. Hilary

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