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Monday, April 29, 2019

Monday Musings on nearly a Tuesday


Now that I've made it through the mental crisis that is "Oh dear God, I'm 50 next week," I'm feeling a little unburdened, which is to say, like everyone else, we all have various worries and concerns and this one, while trivial compared to some others, was actually bothering me a bit. Not the aging process per se, but the milestone that the big 5-0 is made out to be.

I had this silly idea (I have a huge imagination, which isn't always the greatest thing in the world to have as it gets me into more trouble than successes, mainly because I don't channel it correctly, but where was I... ah yes...)

...so I had this silly idea that I'd get squished by a tram, flattened by a falling piano or killed by a flying For Sale sign on a dark and stormy night... or some other completely "Oh, that could only happen to Koopmans" way... the day before I turned 50.

Thus, I was a bit careful walking around last Thursday. Come to think of it, all I did outdoors was a quick groceries-run with me Da and even though we walked 20 minutes there and back and didn't cross at any pedestrian crossings, we made it home safe and sound, with all cheap cheese and dodgy wine from Lidl present and accounted for.

It was wonderful to be back in the family home on my actual 50th and fair play to Mirjam for some gentle pushing and me Ma for moaning at me... as I would probably have stayed here and not done anything - which would have been ok, as I hadn't organizesd anything because I deliberately didn't want to get stressed out on my 50th.

And, I did anyway!

And, then it was Saturday. No real hangover, which was a very pleasant surprise and a memory of a couple of pints with some loved ones and a good Chinese curry afterward. (I'm a simple man with simple food/drink needs.)

So, what's next?

I haven't the foggiest, but watch this space and I'll figure out this 50th year and write up the adventures as they happen, which will keep me writing - and that's a goal to be proud of :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you could spend it with family. And not get hit by a bus or anything.

Elephant's Child said...

It sounds lovely.
Looking forward to reading what happens when/if the fog clears.

Jo said...

Like I said elsewhere, 50, pfft. Try 80. Glad you had a chance to be with your family and nothing fell on you.

CWMartin said...

So I got curious to see what I did on my 50th. Let's see: Whined about work, watched Laurie pass a kidney stone Figuratively, don't be gross) , had a steak. Thankfully, the job and the stone have both passed since.

Lisa said...

How wonderful to get to spend your day with family. I know it was special for them, too. I think there is always "a" birthday that we look at as a HUGE milestone. Mine is coming this year, and yes, I'm older than you! Gives one lots to think about... But really, I'm just happy to still be here no matter what age I am!

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