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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Midweek Moments: Of Dogs and Dust


Reading the comments from my last post, well I don't feel under pressure at all (!!!) to add a few cute doggie pictures this week :)

So, without further adieu and waffling, here's this week's (happy) adventures in pictorial detail.

Ha! Found the last 3 yellow jackets in France (near where Bordeaux Angers Tours :) (Oh no... no no no... Oh YES I did!!)

"Yes, it's a comfortable blanket thingy, but Irish-guy-with-the-funny-Yankee-accent, I've seen your driving skills..."

"Don't all dogs perch behind the necks of their mamas? Driver dude, play Freebird..."

After the night that was, we made it to the finca and began to unload!

"Yeah, I'll keep an eye on the couch... make sure like, that it doesn't move..."

Stopping only for essential nutrients, the hardy workers (the brothers were nary to be found) carried on...

Later that night... (and these are in sequence!!)

Look, FEBO, (*not its real name), if you're going to hog my suitcase, I want a damn picture!!

"Really. How many pictures do you need? Did you want to wear this shirt? No? Good, I'm sleepy..."

"And, goodnight. Call my agent for more pictures - in the daytime. I've got bunnies to catch..."

Have to admit, Febo wasn't too wrong...It was a long and dusty day...

"One must say that one is NOT amused by this dog-filled post." (c) neighbor's cat. 2019


Elephant's Child said...

Mind you, the neighbour's cat looks like one you (and the dog) should be careful to keep on side.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That cat is definitely not amused!

CWMartin said...

Scrappy isn't all that big on sleeping on clothes, tho' he did used to lay on my soon to be worn clothes whilst I took a shower... appreciate THAT in the winter!

Jo said...

What a cute little dog but I do see why the cat didn't approve.

Lisa said...

Oh yay! That dog is ADORABLE!!! I was so hoping for photos of it and you spoiled us with those. Thank you Mark!

Lisa said...

Go gilets jaunes!!! (Go yellow jackets!

Cherie Reich said...

Loved the pictures, especially the cat one at the end.

Kelly said...

Sweet doggie

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