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Monday, November 26, 2018

My Nov-oir. (Eh... Your *what*?)

It may never see the light of the published day, but my WIP hits many personal hot buttons.
(As you do.)

This Work In Progress has me writing more consistently
 than I've done in 4+ years. (Even more than here, in 2005, when I blagged (not blogged!) my way into my first writing gig -- and then had to bloody produce.)

My lame, scared excuses are done and even my blog is baby-back up and running. This last few weeks have been a New Beginning.

I carve out at least an hour a day for writing, bust out a 1,000+ words and the habit has formed. No need to run anymore.

So, that problem is solved, and the book will be a history of me thus far, which my boys can one day use as a source of entertainment, or a really cool door stop.

Here's the deal, though. I have a completely and absolutely shitty memory.

Nothing to do with the drinking or excesses of the past. Of course not, (where's the angel emoji), but this memory issue leads to this quandary.

2005 me, trying to come up with a headline!

All my adventures are real, but I can't remember some of the names, and for sure as shit can't recall some of the actual conversations.

I'm thinking about doing a Netflix where they begin every episode of the hit show Narcos with:

"This dramatization is based on real events. However, certain scenes, characters, names, businesses, incidents, locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes."

Instead of a memoir, I may call it a Nov-oir. I can't prove all the crazy, dumb and lucky things that happened to me, but they did. I was there. Promise.

 What's your thoughts? I would genuinely love some honest feedback, please!

Which direction would you go? Strict memoir? Fictionalized novel? Mix of the two?


Elephant's Child said...

Memory is such a subjective beast. Two people can witness the same event and return very different reports. Those issues are compounded when the trickster time comes into play.
Memoirs are, nonetheless, one of my favourite reading genres so I say (greedily) go down that path.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It will be slightly fiction anyway since you can't remember. Do you want it to be obviously about you? Do a memoir. Or do you want a little poetic license and only those closest to you will know it's you? Then fictionalize it.
Sorry I haven't been by - been on blogging break this month.

CWMartin said...

One thing I've learned, is my memory was never the unassailable fortress I thought it was. A gentle disclaimer should suffice, after due dilligence in research.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mark - the main thing is to get it down ... maybe in layers of stories ... so the details don't exactly matter - but it will be about you and what you remember ... even if you entwine two aspects together. Just write!

The boys will love it ... and they'll remember things you don't ... so it goes - we all are that way. It's your life - and only you know it ...

Good luck - just write for those boys .. and their future doorstop!! Take care - cheers Hilary

Lisa said...

I agree with Hilary, get it down! Then decide where you want to take it. Personally, I think a memoir (only a certain period or episode, not your whole life) is the best way to go, even if you decide to fictionalize it...

Melissa said...

I'm sure whatever you choose it will be hilarious, and touching, and awesome. Go, Mark!

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