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Monday, March 26, 2012

Cassie Mae In the Interview Chair :)

Aloha! Come in, come in, squish a little bit over there, will you. Great. Let’s try get everyone in.
OK, the reason I’ve asked everyone in early is to discuss a medical condition someone never mentioned before joining the Low Firm of Kram, Snampook.
It’s not company policy to divulge medical records with such bravado, so those who want to leave may do so.
(Half the room clears out with a WHOOT! WHOOT!)
Obviously, those remaining will now learn something gossip-worthy, so without any further ado, I present Cassie Mae and her overactive blabber. J

Wait a second! Half the room cleared out??? Do I smell? Gosh, I could’ve sworn I put on deodorant this morning… but that may have been yesterday.
I don’t care if you have a medical condition! Come back!!!

1.      Are you a glutton for punishment? Why did you evah say yes to me interviewing you? (Weird cackling noise escapes from interviewer’s mouth…)

I have a problem saying no. People ask, I deliver. Truth or Dare is a game you do not want to play with me. :)

     2.      You seem to have many fingers in many pies here on the Blogofear… Seriously, how do you organize yourself… because you are one of the smartest and supportive bloggers I’ve “met.” I know you do the Dew, but did you also patent the formula for that 5-hour energy drink thingy?

Did you say pie? I’m not a fan of pie, but the Asphalt Pie at Winger’s??? I mean, just look at this thing!

Besides that, I’m not an organized person at all! Not sure if I’m qualified to answer this question. I drink Mountain Dew, but sadly, not every day. (Crap gets expensive after a while. Send me a case, and you’ll be my best friend!)

Best answer I can give you? I schedule my posts out, that way I have time to read blogs in the morning instead of writing my own. Then, I participate in a lot of stuff because really, I need to fill the schedule up! No one wants to hear all the crazy stories and habits I have. I think I’d lose all my followers. :)

No, no, I think that’s *why* half of us love seeing a new postJ

 3.      What about the home life. How do you balance being a mom, wife and blogger?

I think God made me with energy-laced blood cells. I can’t seem to stop! Always bouncing, running, blogging, writing, reading, coaching (ya, I coach a wicked sports team!), and yet I only get about 5 hours of sleep at night. Honestly, I have NO IDEA how I get it all done. Just when I commit to something I do it all out!

Whatever it is… bottle it, it’s workingJ

 4.      Why Mountain Dew? Seriously, have you never heard of a Non-fat  Venti Chai Latte (with soy) and an extra shot? Puhleez…

I have a strong attachment to the Dew. Good friend of mine got me addicted and fed that addiction by buying me a 12 pack every birthday growin’ up cuz the parents weren’t too tolerant of Dew-ed up Cassie. (I don’t blame them, lol.)

And you lost me at Non-fat.

I used to live in Southern California, and I heard some dude at Starbucks say “Non-fat” helps the hair follicles restore themselves…

 5.      I have about 195 followers, you have 67,012 and we both started at the same time – August 2011. So, OK, I suck, right, but what’s your secret to attracting and keeping followers? (Do you have a really, really large family, and everyone’s following you?)

I have two family members who follow me officially. And one of them is actually me under my hubby’s name. I’m a huge dork and when I first started the blog, I was sad I didn’t get many comments, so I signed the hubs up and commented as him, lol.

Then my sister reads my posts, but she doesn’t have a blogger acct. Then of course Mommy, cuz she’s my number one support!

Oh! You asked a question. Silly me! I like how you said ‘attracting’. I’m a better ‘de-tracter’, lol. But I’m not sure what happened to be honest. I joined the IWSG, which helped, and I’ve run a few blogfests that required a follow. (hehe) But other than that, it just sort-of happened.

As for keeping the followers, you got me on that one too. Geez, I’m not very helpful am I? Are you sure you wanna call me smart?

I know this answer is getting freakishly long, but I can say comment the snot out of every blog post you read, no matter how stupid you sound. I pretty much make a fool of myself on every comment I leave (sexy butt comment, anyone? ;) ), and next thing I know I’ve got a few new followers.

Apparently, geeks are in these days. :)

You signed up and commented as hubs… that is soooooo funny (I hope you never replied to one of your comments J)

 6.      What’s the biggest mistake a writer can make when they first start blogging… apart from following me, apparently?

The only reason that would be a mistake is because they’d be too distracted and laughing too hard to write ;)

Biggest mistake I can think of is coming off too cocky, or too many posts about how awful some other author is, or how they think they’re a much better writer… you know crap like that you don’t think people do, but they do! It just boggles my mind. Be nice, be you, and be supportive. That’s the best thing about this community. But no one wants to support the person who seems to do it for themselves already.

Very sound advice from the Queen of Keeping it Real J

 7.      Have you ever wondered if Alex J. Cavanaugh actually sleeps?

I have a theory… Alex J. Cavanaugh is actually 400 people under one alias. Like on Clone Wars.

Caption: We are Alex. We must read 3,000 blogs and write 50,000 books by sundown.

Classic!!! – But, we all wish we could do it like you, Ninja Captain J

 8.      Why are all the cool writers from Utah? What is *in* y’alls darn water over there yonder?

Did you just call me cool??? I don’t think I’ve ever been called that!!! Sweet!

There’s lots of stuff in the water here. Something that busts out awesome writers, casserole makers, baby makers (hehe), and also something that tells us carrots in Jell-O is okay. I think I’m immune to that side-effect though.

You had me until the carrots in Jell-O….. ewww, but Utah does have some cool writer peeps… like Brendon Mule… what? That’s not his name? J

 9.      Speaking of names, “Calinda Me” is a unique one… so unique I can never remember it…. What’s the history behind Cassie Mae?

You ask some personal questions my friend, lol. I’m about to get super cheesy on you. You ready for it???

My best friend started calling me Cassie Mae in HS, and the hubs calls me Cassie Mae when he’s being all cute and lovey. That name hits a good spot for me, and when I started the blog, I wanted the community to think of me as their friend and that we could have that close relationship I share with the friends I get to physically interact with.

Not cheesy at all. Cheese is good. I’m so cheesy, the people of Wisconsin will one day welcome me as the CheeseMan.

 10.  And finally…how did you end up with that unique profile pic?

It’s unique?? Haha, it’s one of MANY that I take of myself. And no, you’re not going to see all of them… but here’s another. Ignore the glitter that exploded on my face!

Cannot. Get. Off. Floor. Peeing. Myself.


       Thanks Cassie, it’s been hilariously real being real.
      Thanks Mark! You are full of awesomesauce, in case you didn’t know that already. ;)

      You can follow Cassie Mae here, and as an added bonus, Cassie is starting up a group blog that launches on April 1. (This is not an early April Fool’s jokeJ)
      She’s got some amazing writers joining her there, so keep your eyes on her blog for the chance to follow her somewhere else :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Casually reading, enjoying the interview, and then I hit question number seven!
No clones. I'm actually the Borg. And you will be assimilated.
Cassie, you do so well here because you are involved and giving to this community!

Suzi said...

I've always kinda wondered myself if CM has blogger interns working for her. Reading others' blogs and commenting on behalf of her. She's always all over the place!

Can't wait to see what the new blog is.

PR said...

Great interview, really enjoyed it :)

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Cassie, you've made real an art!

Cassie Mae said...

Alex: You know I don't believe you right? You were programmed to believe you are actually one person doing all the work. ;)

Suzi: Blogger interns! Dude, that would be awesome! Only downside I'd see is I wouldn't be able to read and comment myself.

How about a maid instead?

Anna: thanks!

Elizabeth: Aww... dude, you awesome.

Marta Szemik said...

That was so funny! That's why I enjoy Cassie's blog. She's hilarious! Great interview:)

Cassie Mae said...

Marta: Mark got real creative with his questions, lol. And thanks :)

Mark: I hope you didn't ruin the carpet when you peed yourself on the floor :)

Cortney Pearson said...

Awesome interview! Cassie, if I could send you a case of Mt. Dew, I would!! :D Despite your answers, I still don't know how you manage to do so much! ;) You're amazing!!!

Angela Cothran said...

Great interview :)

Mark--I love that you think all Utah writers are cool. The Jello-Carrot combo enhances creativity!

Cassie--I do 5 hours too :) Why sleep when you can write?

Jenny S. Morris said...

You 2 are HILARIOUS. And I didn't know the bit about Cassie signing up as her husband and commenting on her blog. Classic!!!

Mark don't feel bad about followers #. I started in July and I have about the same as you. You're doing great!

cleemckenzie said...

The interview was great, but the pie awesome. Not fair to post pictures of yummy desserts. Simply not fair.

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

Great interview, you two are too funny! (And I think you're right about Alex, that makes sense.) ;)

David P. King said...

That was the funniest interview you've hosted yet, Mark. What an epic shout-out to Alex, btw. I, too, am a fan of the asphalt pie. Actually, if there's pie involved, I'll take it. Except strawberry rhubarb. Blahg! :)

Sarah Tokeley said...

I loved this interview. I'm quite a new follower of Cassie's so it's nice to get to know her a little better - and it's so obvious about Alex, now you've said it. Why did we never realise this before?

Cassie Mae said...

Cortney: Oh, you know how awesome that would be?? Lol. Love ya Cortney!

Angie: Or watch Vampire Diaries? ;)

Jenny: Yeah, and Mark asked me if I responded to those comments.

Um, yes. Of course I did. :)

Cleemckenzie: I know! I think I need to go get me some of it. Wingers for lunch!

Rachel: I am right about that. I will prove it one of these days :)

David: Strawberry Rhubarb is awful!

Cassie Mae said...

Sarah: Thanks girl! See, I'm so not crazy about this theory I have :)

Morgan said...

Holy crap... That Alex bit was HILARIOUS.

Man, Mark & Cass together on one page is a dangerous combination... I can't imagine what it'd be like to be in the same room with you guys! Seriously hilarious! You two are the funniest people EVAH.

And go Utah! (There are a TON of us and we are all awesome)

Hope you guys do this again soon ;)

Cassie Mae said...

Morgan: Dude, we should all get together. How about Mark flies us out there?

You up for that Mark-O? :)

Anonymous said...

Great interview, Mark and Cassie Mae. Got my laugh on this morning. :)

Emily R. King said...

You and Mark make a great combo, Cassie Mae. You could do a show! I'd pay to see i t.

When I saw your picture I wanted to give you a hug...then I saw the pie and now I want pie. Darn you! :)

Hope Roberson said...

Fantastic interview Mark and Cassie! Could be the funnest and funniest one I've read through yet :)

Donna K. Weaver said...

Love Cassie! Energy laced blood cells . . . AND Mountain Dew? Now wonder she bounces around so much. =D

Cassie Mae said...

Linda: Thx! I laughed just reading his questions, lol.

Emily: I think you are onto something. And you wanted to give me a hug?? Sweet! Cyber hugs and butt grab coming your way!

Hope: Thanks my girl!

Donna: Hehe, I can just picture me bouncing up and down my hallway like on The Mask, lol.

Scarlett said...

Ok, Mark The Man "SIGGY" K!

I L-O-V-E-D this interview!

1)Did Not Know that Cassie was a Dew-Fiend. Now that I know your secret, Cassie... Bye-Bye "healthy" smoothie-my-love. Hello, Crack-In-A-Can!

2)Did Not See the the *Pee Yourself* fit comin', Mark. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

And... C)Emily is SO right! You two are better than any comedy duo out there. Wait. ARE there any comedy duos still out there? So, which one of ya's Abbott and which one of ya's Costello? And Who's on first? And we ALL KNOW who wears the cape 'round these parts.

Great Fun!

BTW, Mark "SIGGY" K... I gave you just a wee bit o' love over at my place today. Couldn't help myself. You're one of my favs, EVAH!

Peace Out.

Carrie Butler said...

...I'm still snickering about Mark being the CheeseMan. ;)

The rest of the interview was Cassirific. There is no other word to describe it. *Grins*

Anonymous said...

"Have you never heard of a Non-fat Venti Chai Latte (with soy) and an extra shot?"

Reminds me of that Napoleon Dynamite line, "I see you're drinking 1% milk. Is that 'cause you think you're fat?"

Man, if you could only see the smile on my face!!! Awesome interview! So much to learn, so little time!!! :D

Sarah Ahiers said...

can't...get past...picture of pie...

Seriously, what the hell is that and i how can i get it here in MN?

Leigh Covington said...

What the... ?
Where the...?
Oh my gosh - I don't even know what to say? I'm out of the blogosphere for a minute and look at all that is happening! Agh.

BTW- I can't get enough of you OR Cassie. Love you both and this interview is bordering on epic. Don't ever quit pretending I'm your friend okay? Especially when you're both big and famous!


Kelley Lynn said...

Ummm...pass me a piece of that pie.

And Cassie, you didn't tell Mark that I'm one of the contributors to the blog did you??

He wouldn't have put the other part about amazing writers in there if he knew that :)

Though the other four, including you, make up for my lack of awesomeness :) haha

Great interview you two!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I think my brain exploded...

Cassie Mae said...

Scarlett: I thought crack in a can was called Coke? Lol. (I think I'm so clever.)

Carrie: Cassirific! Oh. My. Gosh! Love it!

Jack: Haha! The hubs quoted that exact same line to me when I read him that question. Holy crap, that's funny!

Sarah: Wingers! That place is amazing for realz! The best wings, and they have popcorn as your appetizer, lol. Plus, they have cherry everything. Cherry Coke, Cherry Pib, Cherry Sprite... it's delicious!

Leigh: Girl we don't gotta pretend nuttin!

(Mark. Pst! Mark! I think she's onto us!)

Cassie Mae said...

Kelley: Wuteva girl. Wutevs!

Melanie: Clean up on aisle Fowler! ;)

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Hrrmmm...I always thought the biggest mistake might be not blogging on a regular schedule. But cocky can definitely be a turnoff.

dolorah said...

Nice to meet you Mark. Now move aside.

*jumps up and down waving* hey Cassie. I've been away from your blog a while. Don't know why . . .

"And you lost me at Non-fat." Totally, like, yeah. I'm from NorCal and this just proves all you SoCo's are not all bad :)

Loved both Mark and Cassie's voices in this interview.


Tara Tyler said...

you seriously have energy laced something! what do you have fo breakfast?!

nice job kiddos!

Cassie Mae said...

Michael: Oh, that could be a mistake too, since I don't follow many people who do that, lol.

Donna: HI!!! HI!!! I've missed seein' ya around!!! Glad you are back.

And non-fat=not as good. Hehe.

Tara: Usually nothing, but this morning, I had an everything bagel. OMGosh! I love this things!

Shallee said...

Mm, asphalt pie...

Thanks for the interview, Mark and Cassie, you folks crack me up! Yay for fellow Utah writers! :)

Ruth Schiffmann said...

Fun interview Cassie and Mark. The back and forth felt really natural. Maybe you two should collaborate on a book together ;)

M Pax said...

Great interview. I'm not sure how some of you do what you do...

Maybe I need to learn to type and read faster. :)

It explains everything if Alex is an army of storm troopers.

Nancy Thompson said...

Cassie is actually Wonder Woman's granddaughter, that's how she gets it all it. And she has so many followers because she's positively lovely! How can you NOT love that cute face?! Great interview, Mark!

M.J. Fifield said...

That was a hysterical interview. I love that Alex J. Cavanaugh was a question.

Thanks for sharing!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Mark, this was so awesome, I featured it on my blog today.

Cassie Mae said...

Shallee: High fives for the Utahns who crave Asphalt pie!

inluvwithwords: Oh! What an intriguing idea. :D

MPax: Doesn't it???

Nancy: I'll make sure to tell Grandma she's actually Wonder Woman. Maybe she'll pull out her costume, lol.

And did you... did you just say I have a cute face? Are you sure you're looking at mine? Or were you talking about Mark-O? ;)

MJ: I giggled my pants off when I saw he was a question. Didn't even have to think about the answer either. I've had this theory for a while now.

Alex: I know you were talking to Mark here, but thought I'd just pipe in and ditto what you said about how awesome his questions were. :D

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