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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cassie is Interviewing me :)


I'm on my way to the Southern California Writer's Conference in San Diego, so instead of a regularly scheduled post, I have the honor of being interviewed by none other than Cassie Mae :)

The Awesome Cassie Mae
If you don't know - or haven't felt the tornadic, ZoomMeister-ish presence of Cassie Mae, please brighten your day by heading over and following her here.

Thanks, Cass. You're a RockStar and a real friend here on the Blog O'Fear :)


Cassie Mae said...


David P. King said...

Have fun at the conference! Headed over to your interview now. :)

Leigh Covington said...

LUCKY YOU! On both accounts! Have fun at the conference and I will check out your interview on Cassie's blog! Whoot-whoot!

Morgan said...

Sweeeet... *runs to Cassie's blog*

But... Er... Sorry to be annoying, but I maybe did another *teeny* mention to you today on my blog *hides*

Anonymous said...

This is fun. PS Your in So Cal for a conference? Have fun!

Mark said...

Will do! I'm going to the San Francisco Writer's Conference this weekend myself:)

Sarah Tokeley said...

Wait. Didn't you used to have hair?

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