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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Super Surprise... seriously


I must say it takes a lot to render me somewhat incapacitated in the speech department, but this is where I find myself at this exact moment....

I've been, like so many others, working hard on my blog; trying to get the word out that another Blogger has jumped on the overcrowded bus heading to the "Blog is here."
My First Award :)

(Why is it "here?" Where was it?)

But, apparently all the wriggling and "Scuse me's" that I've done in the last few months to get a window seat have worked!

This morning as I surfed

is it still cool to "surf?"

...around, I discovered I'd won a "Great Comments Award" on Leigh Covington's blog (via an award she received from David Powers King.)

While on David's blog I saw an awesome comment from Alex J. Cavanaugh who, as I clicked over to tell him so, had put me up for a special mention on his latest Insecure Writer's Support Group.

My point: I'm not bragging. Seriously, you only have to see the picture of me with the Boppy on my head... I'm just flabbergasted and want to throw out some major thanks to Leigh, David and Alex.

More importantly, I'm sharing this with *you* especially if you are discouraged or feeling non-positive writing thoughts - please don't.

Monster Munch ROCK :)
I didn't win an Amazon gift card, a re-gifted book or even a packet of pickled onion Monster Munch, but my hard work and effort has paid off a little... and that's what's going to keep me motivated for a long time.

Please keep putting yourself out there - you have a story to tell and we want to hear it as well!

What's in your wallet? Earned any Motivational Points lately?


Sarah Tokeley said...

It was a cup of tea that I enjoyed with a week's worth of your posts today :-)

I can't believe I missed the birth announcement. *Slaps self upside the head*. HUGE congratulations to you and Mrs Mark, this is such wonderful news.

We both know that pickled onion monster munch is over-rated anyway, flamin' hot wins out every time ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was proud of you for getting awards and mentions. Your posts were excellent this week! PS What is monster munch?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Create an interesting blog, follow and comment on others, and give back to the community, and you WILL get noticed!
Your post for the IWSG was hilarious. Hope you received a lot of comments on it.
Congratulations on the award!

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Oh congratulations! /throws confetti. You are a great blogger :)

Patsy said...

Congrats on the recognition.

btw I'm here! I'm here (Nope, I don't know where here is or where I was before either)

Lara Schiffbauer said...

Congratulations! It feels great to be recognized, doesn't it! I enjoy your blog, and am glad that you know other people do too!

Stacy S. Jensen said...

It's fun to be recognized. I've enjoyed your blog since I found you out here in "the Internets."

David P. King said...

Thanks for the Shout-Out, dude! You're doing all the right things. And you started off right. Took me two years before I actually had traffic (and time) to manage for the blog. Keep being awesome! :)

Morgan said...

*throws confetti* You are awesome, Mark. Keep the great posts coming! :D

Mark Koopmans said...

@ Everyone: Seriously THANKS y'all for your support, suggestions and time that you take to stop by... I am so appreciative :)

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