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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Of Stuffed (lost?) Bear and Scary Horse...


It's been a while since I've done a pictorial dissertation, or in Dublin terms, posted some pics, so here's a few of the many.

It was 7 a.m. the other day, and I'd already walked past, when I stopped and said to myself was that a bear on a bench?

... And yup, it was a lonely bear on a quiet bench... (Would kill to know that story!!)

Some breads at ALDI are lost in translation... hopefully!

But, now I know where all the extra Trader Joe's stuff goes!! We love you, ALDI :)

The town cemetery is on the walk home and I'm dying to go inside...

Sadly, there's limited hours!

Next to the cemetery... is this a stairway to... heaven? 

Son #2 age 9  (using mom's Skype) and I discussing story ideas :)

This is one small bar my Da would love to have somewhere in the world :)

It's closed now, but this is the entrance to the Granada bullring. 

I'm walking the Northern Camino in the next year or two. Interested? Let me know in the comments

Is this where Prince Humperdink's white horse came to retire?

Small signs with big messages...

Entrance to the Closed City of Granadaish... (Gate sponsored by Huawei :)

Time waits for no man nor train signal warning...

Meanwhile, the artistic youth created and made colorful that which was barren and cold in the tunnel under the tracks...

This bloody horse and cart came outta nowhere and scared the shit outta me!! (At least cars have headlamps and horns!!)

(Was pretty cool though :)

Wells Fargo commercial from the 1950s:)

I won't lie if there wasn't a few "YAHS!!!!" going up that hill, but the horse killed it. 

And where they went... nobody knows.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mark - fun 'stories' ... there's obviously lots of history where you are - and good luck with walking the Camino - not for me ... but it sounds an interesting journey. Take care - things will settle and will turn around - all the very best - Hilary

Mirjam said...

I’ll walk “el Camino” with you.....eventually.

Lisa said...

Your comments are almost better than the photos! You have a great eye for catching things some might pass by. I'd love to walk the Camino, and loved the reference to Humperdink! You rock! Your son is off to a good start!

Ella said...

I, agree I love your insight~ I enjoyed this art walk with you~

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