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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Guest Post: "Passion Frees Our Soul, Feeds Our Characters"


Anna Simpson is here to share about passion in her work, and about her new book.

Thanks, Mark. It’s a pleasure to be here.
Have you ever been called over dramatic?
Funny because that phrase has followed me throughout life. It wasn’t until I took up writing where these raw feelings came in handy. It’s like a superpower. To use it for good it must written, capturing the passion.
It pushed me to leave home early and explore the world. I didn’t get far—just to Vancouver, Kelowna, Oliver and home again. No matter where I went people were the same. They loved, hated, struggled, and thrived.
Meeting them marked me.
Some say that putting passion in your work feeds your characters and brings them to life. It also frees the author. My characters can do whatever it takes to get rid of their nightmares, or baggage. Through them, so do I. Like I said it’s therapeutic.
Where do you put your passion? Tell me I’d love to know.

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About the Author:

Anna Simpson lives near the Canadian-US border with her family. Even though she’s lived in several places in British Columbia, her free spirit wasn’t able to settle down until she moved back to her hometown.
She is easy to find though, if you know the magic word — emaginette. Do an internet search using it and you’ll see what I mean. :-)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm an even-keeled kind of guy, so I have to really dig to bring that out in my characters.
I do get passionate about my music though.

Nick Wilford said...

I think us writers have to be a passionate bunch, otherwise we wouldn't write anything very exciting. Good to have an outlet for it.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Passionate in writing, my beliefs and friends.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mark and Anna - it's great that you can bring your characters so fully to life ... I think I can do that with my blogging, not so sure I could with characters ... but great you travelled and returned - home is where the heart is ... cheers Hilary

Elephant's Child said...

Hi Anna. Nice to hear from yet another successful writer. This reader loves you all.

Jo said...

Never really thought about where I put my passion. Not a novelist of any kind so not in characters. Interesting concept though.

emaginette said...

Thanks for dropping by everyone an sharing too. :-)

Anna from elements of emaginette

Michelle Wallace said...

I'm more of a balanced type of person...but I am passionate about my teaching!
I also have a passion for writing flash fiction... the short-short pieces really appeal to me. :)
*waves at Mark-Koop*

S.P. Bowers said...

It's true writing helps us process our emotions and baggage. That's one reason I love it so much. I kinda hope my daughter becomes a writer. She's over dramatic in a BIG way. It would be nice if she could write some of it out and tone it down a bit.

emaginette said...

One way to express passion without getting into trouble. hehehe

Mary Aalgaard said...

My life is drama! I'm a writer, musician, theatre teacher and director! It's all one big play.

David Powers King said...

Good to meet you, Anna! I've been call the opposite plenty of times. :)

Crystal Collier said...

Well I was stopping by for the bloghop, but I'm way stoked for Anna. Her book sounds absolutely amazing.

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