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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"M" is for "Musical Miracles"

Welcome to Letter D of the A-Z Challenge (Just making sure you're paying attention :)

My theme revolves around the soon-to-be published memoir I wrote for opera singer, Donald Braswell.

"M" is for "Musical Miracles" (and the return of an Angry Walter!)

In yesterday's POST, Donald helped an old musician test drive his dream car. To return the act of kindness, Walter wrote a number and told Donald the person on the other end could help. Donald decides not to call...


…He strides toward me, a definite spring to his step. Somewhat nervous, I’ve no clue why Walter’s back. I was nice to the guy, but was I too friendly? Oh boy, I hope I haven’t started an obsession or something?

Walter shares his annoyance before I even formulate a greeting.

“Why didn’t you call the number I gave you last week? I told Michael, and he was expecting your call!”

“Walter! Good to see you. Why don’t you come on this way, please.”

Donald Braswell (Photo Credit: Oscar Williams)

I traffic-police Walter and guide him to my office. Shutting the door, I take my chair and ask him to grab a seat, but he shakes his head.

“Michael is the person, the contact, at the other end, and Michael has worked for years with many recording professionals. He’s helped produce several Grammy-award winning CDs.”

 “It’s a recording studio?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Look Walter, let me be honest—and please don’t take this the wrong way—but except for a few conversations around the test drive, we don’t know each other.”

Walter folds his arms and is at least, a little more calm. I continue.

“Even if I knew, I’d no idea who would be on the other end of the phone. You can understand that, right? I can’t just call a recording studio and say, ”Walter told me to call.”

“Why not?”

I raise my eyebrows, open my mouth, close it and point at the chair. This time he accepts the offer and makes himself comfortable.

“Drink? No? Okay. Look, you have to admit, it was all a bit strange, even peculiar what happened. I don’t randomly do things like taking people who I know can’t buy out for a test drive.”

All that gets me is a windy humph, but, again, he keeps his peace, so I take a deep breath, wondering where are we going with this?

“Walter, in everything I do, I never go in without knowing at least some basics. All you gave me was a phone number and a name. I decided not to make the call—I was worried that perhaps I would embarrass myself, but, I apologize. I didn’t mean to offend you in any way.”

 “Donald, when I took the test drive, I formed the opinion that you’re not doing what you should be doing with your life,” he said, tilting his head to one side. “No offense to your buddies out there, but you’re too cultured to sell cars. My opinion was confirmed when I saw your Juilliard degree, heard your story and listened to you sing. I was very young when I started, but let me tell you, I molded and trained myself into a lead guitarist.
“They were fun times, a ton of money came my way, but I was a serious drug addict by my mid-thirties. It wasn’t until I died from an overdose that I came to my senses.”

My head snapped up at that last remark.

“Don’t you mean you nearly died?”

“I didn’t overdose and nearly die—I did overdose and was pronounced dead. It was in that same moment that I saw and met Jesus, who told me that once awake, I’d be healed of my addictions and that my story would help and serve others.”

Too much information to process, I keep my mouth shut.

“After I took a breath under the sheet that covered my face, I was cured. It’s been many years since then, and I’ve never had even the remotest desire for any type of drug or drink. I turned away from music, but kept my promise to God that no matter what difficulties I experienced, I would help others overcome obstacles.
“I don’t know why I came to a Jaguar dealership, or why you let me drive a car, but when you shared your story, I knew I could help.”

A response to that? I had nothing. But it’s easy to see that Walter believes what he’s sharing with me.

“You want to sing again, don’t you, Donald? I bet you do, and you don’t have the vices that can hold you back. I believe you can help others by being a model for them, but this, however, is the last time I’ll come back.”

He stands up and I spring out of my chair.

“If you have faith in what I said, then surrender. Believe in yourself—and call the damn number.”

The following day, I made the call - and a musical miracle continued to grow.


Tomorrow: "N" is for "Next Moves"



Elephant's Child said...

Tears here.
Thank you. And Donald.

Tammy Theriault said...

Yes! Call that dang number!! Lol

Unknown said...

And the musical miracle continued to grow... Can't wait to read what happens next!

Tamara Narayan said...

You got me. I'm hooked. This is going to be a great book.

quietspirit said...

This is exciting! I can't wait to read the next installments.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad he finally called! I knew there was something more to Walter. (And he's living proof of miracles.)

Anonymous said...

YAS!! \o/

David P. King said...

What a story! I don't dare drink or do drugs since there is a history of addiction in my family. Mountain Dew is enough for me, thanks. :)

Lisa said...

Oh goody! I was hoping that was what would happen! Sometimes you just have to listen, even when you don't know why. Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @ http://www.lisabuiecollard.com

Jo said...

II was really looking forward to today's story after yesterday. It was worth the wait. Incredible event.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Sounds like a great part of the story.

~Sia McKye~ said...

You know, there are people like Walter. They call it paying back but they're willing to follow promptings based on their faith. They do help others. I like what he told Donald, if you have faith, surrender and call the number. Yep, and when he did he finds a path. Very cool.

Sia McKye Over Coffee

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

I got caught on 'D' ;)
a great snippet. And definitely call that number!

Cathy Elaine said...

I adore this story!

LD Masterson said...

Wow. This was a great piece of the story.

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