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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

IWSG: I'm NOT Ready for A-Z yet... And more stuff like that!


Once again, the Earth has rotated upon its axis enough times that is again the first Wednesday of the month.

This means, of course, it’s time for another episode of Insecure Writers Support Group, hosted by the one and ugly, er I mean only Alex Cavanaugh, he of the Irish clan Mc’Cavanot-got-a-hyperlink-augh.
(They were a rowdy bunch who lived in the countryside, but today there is only one known picture of their tribal leader...)

Anyway, where was I? 
I’ve got three quick points this month, which is wonderful because I'm working hard to control my verbal diarrhea :)
Photo Credit: by mimg.ugo.com
 (It’s amazing what a little less salsa and a little more Tums © can do to one’s esophagus – and there I was thinking that an “esophagus” was the imaginary friend of Big Bird on Sesame Street.)



·         Am I the only one who is insecure that it's March already?
Beware the Tides of Marraige?
      It seems to me the slower it takes to remember stuff, the quicker the year goes by…
     And, now that we're here on Oahu, people keep telling me to beware of the "Tides of March," but I was standing on the beach for hours the other day, and no-one seemed willing to point me in the right direction.
(Except for this one fellow wearing a bed sheet and carrying a big dagger... but I didn't like the look of him... he talked funny...)


·         The A-Z challenge is coming in about three weeks, and I’m so not ready! I have the banner >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(But I'm so insecure... what am I going to talk about?)

I’ve made lots of files, with pretty names, colors and they are all neatly dated – and all nearly deleted, too.

The only good news is that I roll well when it comes to deadlines, so I hope this will be the case as March, well, marches toward April… yikes :)


·         My final issue is perhaps a bit weird or quirky.
BEFORE I write in response to most every post, I seldom read the comments above me because I worry I'll be influenced and my thoughts will be “watered down.”
Is that bad?
Am I a bad blogger?
I am... I know it...
I don't even have "A" for A-Z done...

 PS. I want to wish everyone an early and happy St. Paddy's Day, so in honor of you, my fellow insecure-ee, I leave you with this kickin' song by Frou Frou:
Trust me, if you’re feeling down, worried or insecure, there's no harm if you just let go J


Kyra Lennon said...

I'm not ready for A-Z either! It's a huge commitment!

S.P. Bowers said...

I'm not ready for A-Z either and I don't work well under deadlines.

Suzi said...

Don't you hate how the world just keeps turning on its axis, making us older and older all the time! (That's perhaps why you're getting slower at stuff the more it turns.)

I am DONE with A to Z! Okay, I'm not, I just wanted to say it, but I'm way ahead of you. :) I've probably got 3/4 of my posts written-drafts at least.

Don't worry. You can do it too. I have faith!

Unknown said...

Hey, you won a prize for your commenting ability- you're doing it right! Congrats on that by the way. :)

Al Diaz said...

Geez, what you're saying? Was I supposed to read the comments above? Crap! So now there's two of us!

I feel sooooooooo unsecure about the A-Z challenge too and I've written posts up to G, but still...Yeah, I'm freaking out. I hope its like stage panic and it fades once "the show begins". I hope.

Mark Means said...

You're not ready for A to Z yet?? *gasp!! (hehe)

Seriously, though, I keep seeing all these posts about everyone saying the're not ready and, maybe I'm looking at it differently, but I don't see the reason to panic.

Granted, I have a theme, a post idea for each letter as well as pictures for over half of them.

I'm sure you're more ready than you think and, like Hannibal Smith, your plan will come together :)

Rena said...

Not only am I not ready for A to Z, I'm doing something totally different. I'm vlogging! That makes me want to chew on my fingernails.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I rarely read comments too. Then I worry...did I just repeat a joke someone else made, so then I scroll real quickly for the glare of your bald head and then I rest assured knowing only you are as demented as I am so, my comment is most likely fresh as day old breast, at least.

Feel confident. I didn't even try to do A-Z; so you da man! I have a manuscript that is in desperate need of a good polish and I just don't have time to do A-Z properly.

Johanna Garth said...

I don't read the comments either for exactly the same reason! Except sometimes I do. No consistency here this morning.

nutschell said...

So crazy busy these past few months that I know I'm not going to be ready for the A-Z. So unfortunately, I won't be signing up. :S I'm gonna miss it for sure, but I'll be takign the time to work on my manuscripts. Good luck!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Too bad that picture was lost, huh?
I have my posts planned but not a one written - so there!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

I know another song by Frou Frou but I forgot the title. Happy St. Paddy's day in advance too Mark. A-Z Blogging challenge is going to rock!! I hope.

Anonymous said...

Having just read each and every one of these comments just now, I can now honestly admit I have positively nothing to add! Seriously though -

A - Z...it's only March 6, not gonna blast myself too hard yet on that one.

Bad blogger? I suppose there could be such a thing, but I doubt your name would show up in the definition if there was one.

Stress...visit my Effectively Human post today and take the Vegetable Drink Challenge. You truly will feel better in no time! I personally vouch for the results!

Aloha! Man what I wouldn't give to spend a few hours on the beach this month!

Nancy Thompson said...

Are we supposed to read the comments above our own? Hmm, I never knew that. And you know what, I doubt I ever will, read them, that is. Who has the time? AS for the A to Z, you are in good company. I haven't figured out a solid theme yet. But, like you, I'm better under a deadline.

(Sidenote: Try Prevacid or an equivelent. Works MUCH better than Tums. And you can eat whatever.)

Morgan said...

Oh my gosh... there are too many funny things to laugh at here... I'm dying with all of your playz on wordz...

And I totally don't read the comments above me. *Unless* and I'm not kidding---I see your face. If I see your name I always stop to read what you have to say! (Because I know it's going to be funny, Oh 2nd best commenter)


DL Hammons said...

Do what I do...treat A to Z like the worlds greatest writing prompt exercise! :)

Krista McLaughlin said...

A-Z is in three weeks?? *slight panic* I bet get cracking. We can do this! Also, I think February was way too fast and it's hard to believe it's March. Here's hoping it is a good month!

Unknown said...

I had A-Z in the bag last year! Every post about my book. Can't do that this year, I'll be a copy cat! So I'm not prepared either. :/

Melissa said...

I'm a bad blogger. I'm not doing AtoZ. In fact, I'm planning to hide out and write most of the month of April.

You're a great commenter, Mark. Fwiw, I don't read the comments that come before, either. I mean, sometimes I do, but mostly, no. It's sad to say, but who has time? I do well to make the rounds some days.

Hope Roberson said...

Oh how I miss coming over to your blog for a laugh :)

Snuffleupagus (which I thought had another f, not a p for my entire life) or esophagus, whichever, funny either way :)

Annalisa Crawford said...

I'm completely baffled that it's March already. I un-joined the A-Z this year because I'm hoping to be too busy. And I don't always read the previous comments - eg. you have 20 already so I haven't, but if you'd only had 3 or 4, I would.

cleemckenzie said...

Now you've done it. I was just settling down from my Insecurity High and you mentioned the A-Z!

Anyway, thanks for the song. I'm off to just let go! or breakdown--whichever comes first.

Kirsten said...

I love it when there's a good song to play while I'm reading all the comments ... as if anyone could ever influence an opinionated blabbermouth like me ...
Now where was I?

Oh yes, I'm positive your A-Z posts will be scintillating, and there is no way I could ever blog every single day and get any writing done! I look forward to reading the posts though, although I can't promise I'll get to all the comments. ;)

Chancelet said...

Dude, I'm sure you're more together than you think you are. With all the minions you have, you'll be a humongous success and all set for the A-Z. Don't stress it. :)

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