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Thursday, February 28, 2013

An Open Letter to No. 2 Son on his Third Birthday


Our middle boy, No. 2 Son, turned three today… well actually, it was Tuesday, but I hope he doesn’t mind if I’m posting this a couple of days late.

Son, you are the cutest kid – and a most precious gift sent by God to keep your mother and me on the straight and narrow parenthood path.

Is this Cujo? Someone save me!
“Difficult” doesn’t begin to describe how different you are from your elder brother – (which leads me to note that I tremble to see how your fourteen-month-old brother’s personality develops.)
Trust me, your mother and I are happy, nay dare I say, ecstatic that the “terrible twos” are done. Indeed, we’re so excited about the upcoming year, we’ve dubbed it, on your behalf, the “terrific threes.”
(No pressure, Son, just a marketing tip I picked up from a baseball movie where they said if you call it, they will come and no-longer-have-temper-tantrums (or something like that…)

Your ability, however, to drive me nuts at the smash ( hmm, would we say “smash" - maybe too strong a word... I can still read most of my texts) of a hat - or smart phone - only serves to makes your teeth-filled grins, happy emotions and loving hugs all the more special.

Don’t be a hater (you’re only three, and Papa said NO!) but you are so unlike your older brother (the born entertainer/politician) that I’ve often made the joke if you were the eldest, you’d be an only child.

What's up with this shiny - and slow - Disney Transportation System?
Look, I'm obviously no spring chicken – more like a fall fowl – so I’ve also said, again in jest – that I hope you marry young and have kids early so I can be around (and can remember) to tell you “I told you so.”

Yes, Son, you are truly different, but that happened only through the grace of God, and we praise Him for the gift of you each and every night (if this sounds unfamiliar, it’s only because you are either wailing like a banshee or snoring like a drunken sailor.)

Your mother and I are blessed to have the responsibility of being your parents and now that you are three, I can (see the light at the end of the tunnel) start to see how you may want to spread your wings and fly. Sure, your older brother is a social butterfly, but you… you are like a bald eagle: Quiet, strong and aware of all that is going on around you.

I wonder…

Are you going to be an architect because you enjoy building all the towers of yogurt, sour cream and tins of tomatoes you love to construct in the aisles of the grocery store? (After I take my eyes off you for a mere seventeen seconds...)

Are you going to be a wrestler because you are most always in the middle of some melee?

Are you going to be in IT because you love playing with “Mama’s Computer” or “My Sony “Tab-e-wet? (One should note that Papa’s computer is off-limits…. It is not a good thing to see a grown man cry when a child informs him, “I dewete your fiwle, Papa… your fiwle is gone.”)

Whatever you decide, Son, just know your mother, siblings and I had a great time celebrating your birthday at Disneyland –  and my take-away memory will always be of you and I heading toward the exit of Star Tours. Your brother was already in the gift store looking for something Angry Birds-themed and I knelt down beside you.

“It’s getting to be the end of your birthday, Son. Have you had a good time?”

And, as if you had scored the winning goal in the FIFA World Cup, your two little fists shot upward and you screamed, “Yes.”

Our work in Disney was done.

Again, this is only through the grace of God, but our mission and our goal to give you and your brothers the strongest possible foundation that allows you all to grow into strong Christian men, continues.
Happy Birthday, Son – we love you.

(Now, put the tab-e-wet down and step away from the large puddle with those new shoes we just bought you… SPWAASH!!! (er, I mean SPLASH!!!)  ahy yai yai...)



joeh said...

The middle child generaly becomes a lawyer!

Happy third b-day!!

Mark Means said...

Happy Birthday to him and, a lol to "fall fowl" :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wonderful birthday message to your son!
Wait, did I just hear a splash? And a fizzle?

Morgan said...

Oh, this was precious!!!!! So touching, Mark!

Happy Birthday, little guy! (And all your kids are so beautiful... wish I had their complexion!)

And laughing at the shiny/slow transportation system. LOL.

And looooving your new bio. You're so... official and real and cool. I'm actually kind of intimidated. :-)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Beautiful, touching, and filled with fatherly humor. Happy Birthday little Koopman!

Samantha May said...

Aw :) Happy birthday to the little guy!!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

My brother now works at a bank. Anyway what a sweet post and Happy B'day to the lucky boy.

cleemckenzie said...

He'll love this when he's grown up and I'm sure he'll say that his dad was one super parent and one super writer.

Elise Fallson said...

What a wonderful letter to your son for his birthday! I'm sure he'll treasure this when he gets older. Hugs to the little guy and Joyeux Anniversaire! (:

Nicole said...

Best birthday gift ever! Happy b-day to your little dude.

Unknown said...

Beautiful tribute to a beautiful kid and smile! :-)

Chancelet said...

What a beautiful tribute. One day I'm sure he'll see the truth of those words and be thankful of your dedication.

Sounds like you had a wonderful, tiring time. I remember going to Disneyland Florida for my niece's birthday and massaging my feet each night in IcyHot to be good for the next day. That really worked!

Tammy Theriault said...

that was so stinkin" diaper cute!! my son is turning three next month so i am right there with you...but i do disagree on one thing, terrible 2's, ya right, it's more like terrible for a while! hahaha...

Elizabeth Seckman said...

How sweet! Mine are almost all teens now :(

I am a bit misty eyed when I pass frustrated parents in the grocery store...because believe it or not...I miss the days of can towers when you take your eyes off them for a few seconds!

JJ said...

Happy Birthday No. 2 Son! I have four, and four different personalities. That's what makes it so great. Best to you all!

Kirsten said...

:) Aww ...thanks for sharing the smiles! Congrats on the little guy's B-day. He sounds like a sweetheart.

Melissa said...

Hahaha - great post, Mark.
Happy b-day #2! :D

Kelley Lynn said...

Awww, happy birthday to your son! Such a great letter.

dolorah said...

Sweet :) I'm sure he'll appreciate the humor some day. And I'm of the opinion 4 is the perfect age for any child.


dolorah said...

Oh, and I'm planning my March posting schedule, and I'm noting you have no update on the Got Green Blog O'Hop.

So if you would please: drop everything and get on this issue immediately or I will have to virtually pinch you whether or not you're wearing green at the time.


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