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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The WRITEheart Battle Cry for our "What If?" Blogfest :)


Our WHAT IF? Fairytale Madness BlogFest runs all of next week, AUGUST 13th – 17th          

Here’s the premise…. (and please, please note the thrown Gauntlet below.)

 Have you noticed that by changing one detail; one event, one character trait, one thought...you can completely alter the rest of a fairytale?

For this bloghop we, (Morgan, Cassie and Leigh), want to explore “What if…” you could change your favorite fairytale.

Awesome SAUCE Thanks to the 70+ peeps who've already signed up. To enter, all ye you have to do is:
Think of your favorite fairytale.

Pick one of these four categories:

·         Best Plot Twist

·         Best Love Story

·         Best Tragedy

·         Best Comic Relief

 Write a scene(s) illustrating a new detail of the fabled fairy tale that changes our perspective.

To recap,

·         Is it a plot twist? (Cinderella gets knocked up by the Carriage Driver…)

·         An unknown romance that comes to light? (Snow White dumps the Prince for Grumpy…)

·         A tragic loss occurs? (The Three Little Pigs are too late to save their house…)

·         A little comic relief? (Hansel and Gretel win a trip on Euro Rail, sponsored in part by M&M’s…)

 Whatever the change…It's limited only by your imagination – but please keep it PG-13 J

Other Rules:

·         Post your story during the week of August 13 to 17.

·         Flash Fiction – 300 WORD MAX. (You don't have to tell the whole story in three hundred words. Pick what works to illustrate your point.)

JUDGING CATEGORIES and the respective judges:
The Three Amigas.. And Then, There Was Me...

·         Best Plot Twist – Cassie Mae

·         Best Love Story - Morgan

·         Best Tragedy -  Leigh

·         Best Comic Relief – Mark (That’s me… the weed in the midst of the roses J)

·         Leigh is offering: Save the Cat by Blake Snyder

·         Morgan is offering: A FULL manuscript critique!

·         Cassie Mae is offering: $25 Amazon Gift Card

·         Mark is offering a $25 Hawaiian care package (incl. $5 USPS Priority Shipping) Winner chooses small items such as candy, trinkets, Kona Coffee, etc.

 To sign up, just add your name to the Linky List below the video :)

PS… Where’s my Gauntlet… oh look, there it is… I must have thrown it on the ground…

YO!!!! To all the comics out there, let’s show those plot changers, romantics and Tragedy-ers that our laughter can usurp any twist, love or calamity change any day of the week.

And, yes, Morgan, Cassie and Leigh, this *IS* my challenge... What say you? J

I’m throwing the gauntlet down as I jump upon my little pony (and put on a Scotch accent to go with the blue glitter on my face.)
Clears throat...
“Aye, I am WRITEheart and I thank you, but I give homage to no critic... unless I can get a free pen (and a lined notepad, please.)

So, are ye with me, Comics? You’ve come here to write as free peeps, but what will you do with that freedom?
(Dunno... ye look funny with the glitter and the plastic pony, dude... just sayin')

Will you write for Love, Tragedy or Plot Twists?
(Well, now that you mention it... yeah, I suppose so… if I had to, sigh...)

Will ye not give yourselves one more chance to come back to the stage where no one laughed!
(That’s true… aye… we would… but…)

Ye, who have stood on the Battlefield of Kilkirk… until realizing there was a history book under ye feet... Will ye not Write with me now???
(No. We will run, and hide, and write under false names. Sounds like a great idea.)

Och aye the noo, I am WRITEheart, and I see in front of me here... a whole Blogisfear... full of fellow Comics. So, I say again… Will ye not Write with me, Comics!
(Aye, yes, we can… but there are so few of us… Love and Plot Twists outnumber us…We didn’t come here to fight them. It's a Tragedy.)

Will ye not WRITE with me for the chance to come back here, just one chance and write for the Laughs?
(Well maybe, aye… [Turns to look for the nearest kilt…] Where’s me kilt????)

Will ye Write with me to create the Coffee Splurts!!
(Splurts is not a word, but Aye!!! We’ll burn the roofs of their mouths!!!)

 (WRITEheart wields large pizza cutter above head while Little Pony rocks from front to back…)

Writers!!! Will ye Write for your FREEDOM to Guffaw!!!

AYE!!!! We will!!!!

 …And so it came to be that someone with a deep Scottish accent wrote that “In the Summer of Our Lord 2012, several Writers wearing Argyle sweaters overcame huge odds to win their freedom… to write “humour” with the extra “u.”


Kyra Lennon said...

You are so awesome LOL! Ssadly, I'm not going to have time to join in with this fest, but I will be showing my support for all the entrants! :D

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You guys are going to have a blast! And the world needs weeds you know.

Mark Koopmans said...


I'm not so sure :)

Morgan said...

Oh, ho, ho! So this is how it is???? *Slams fist on the table before rubbing palms together*

Team Love is going to show where it's at... *looks around hoping I have people behind me* I'm not sure I could beat THE SIGGY one on one ;)


Emily R. King said...

I wish I could be here to participate!!! I'll be watching to see which team wins all. :)

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

I am really looking forward to this! But I'm not team comedy (sorry.) I'm guessing it will be my favorite to read, though. :)I wish I was funnier. :)

Leigh Covington said...

Dude! How can I jest when ye bring Braveheart into it? MY FAVE! *sigh - grows weak at the knees*

Alas fair WRITEheart... who would want a good laugh when they could suffer and cry from the tragedy of it all?

Uh- yeah...

Anywho... bring it! :D

Rek Sesh said...

Thanks for reminding me to put my thinking stole on. :)

Carrie Butler said...

Hah! I love how this post sounded in my head. :) Too fun!

Ciara said...

This sounds like such a blast. I'll see what I can do to join. I'll follow along if I can't.

Bonnee Crawford said...

Love the sounds of the gauntlet! :) You're funny.

baygirl32 said...

sounds like great fun! I have to think before jumping this time though..

Cassie Mae said...

You posted this while I was on vacation on purpose, didn't you??? Too afraid of what Cassipedia will throw at you, eh?

We Twisters are bringing it! Just when you think you've got a hold on where we are, what we're planning... we'll throw you a curve ball. ;)

Nancy Thompson said...

I am so not smart enough to tackle this one. Not to mention I lack the time this week. Hope I have a little to read a few entries though.

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