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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

RC Cars and a Sidewalk


The other night, I was struggling to find a better word for something (not literally the word “something,” but something else) when I caught a little perspiration from my little inspiration.

Tobey is our four-year-old, and he was hanging out with Mama while I was busy writing at my “office desk,” which doubles as our kitchen table (see prior post for that story.) I happened to be looking at Tobey when he came right at me.

Then, he stopped, with a screech – reversed – stopped – reversed and drove himself into an old cloth couch of ours, his glee muted only by the oversized cushions.

(Life Mystery #2: Why are side cushions on most couches always oversized?)

Seconds later, out he pops, along with his giggles and two large pieces of Lego.

“Mama, what am I? What am I, Mama?” he said.

“I don’t know? A car about to crash?”

“No! Mama, look, I’m the remote 'control-ded' car.”

Source: phippy_01 @ Photobucket.com
After his demonstration concluded, he decided to pitch another move. He moved from one side of our living room to the other – feet close together, sliding left to right, arms stretched out, the biggest smile on his face, before asking the same question of my wife.

 “I don’t know, Tobey Tobes, what are you?”

“I’m a sidewalk, Mama, look, a sidewalk.”

Source: danyo112 @ Photobucket.com
Once I finished laughing, I sat back for a few minutes to digest his literal take on the words of our world.

How many times have I said or wrote “sidewalk” and never considered its meaning (although that is a bad example! I’m from Ireland, so a sidewalk is a “path” and when you’re four, there’s nothing cool about path…it rhymes with bath.)

But, like I said, it got me thinking. Ever since then, (last week) whenever I’m finished my output for the day, I like going over it with the eyes of child.

·         Is there a better way to describe the car journey my character went on?
·         What about the food at the restaurant during a first date?
·         Did your law enforcement character ask enough “why” questions?
·         Will Angry Birds take over the world?

Obviously, it all depends on your own story and style. However, as a stay-at-home Dad of 2.61 boys (the third is scheduled for release January 7,) who loves and appreciates tips from other homeschool parents, I thought this was an interesting angle, and wanted to pass it forward.
(Oh, and the other word I was struggling for... I changed "walk..." to "journeyed his way...")
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