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Wednesday, July 29, 2015 16 comments

Writer? Who knows??... Actor? Oh yes... (23s video)


While Son #2 may not decide to become a writer, he already is a bona fide actor in our family.

In this 23-second video, his Mama recently asked him to sing "Happy Birthday" to his older sibling, but well... apparently, #2 wasn't really in the mood...

I've never posted a video before, but this *still* cracks me up!



Happy Hump Day to you :)

Friday, July 24, 2015 12 comments

Ireland Pics (Part 2) and O'-13 weeks to REVIVAL



This week, I want to first offer a huge shout out to the terribly fabulous Carrie Butler, who has, over the past few months, sweated floods, goods and shears cutting and developing the outlay - and the tres professional look - to my blog.)

[Ok, maybe she didn't sweat floods - it's not as if I'm One Direction.... more like "No Direction," but I couldn't think of much that rhymed with blood!]

Anyway, as always, the blog content is all me, so don't blame Carrie when it comes to my new, scraggly beard profile - the poor woman had so little to work with :)

Which reminds me, sometimes, I forget how easy it is to say thanks to those who are always there for me...

So, I'd like to again raise a pint and give a cheers to the people I've virtually met through Blogger, especially the ones who just won't stop supporting me... even though I've been such an arsehole these last few monthyears.

I'm not worthy, but I'm eternally grateful.

You know who you are, so please... have your better half slap you on a self-chosen buttock, and then have them shout out, "attaboy" on my behalf... because you really do coach me to be a better writer.


Chapter One: (in where we enjoy Part Two of Ireland and how we mention it's only Thirteen weeks to REVIVAL.)

Traditional, working English phone box in Northern Ireland...

The usual phone box in the Republic... :)

St. John's Castle, Carlingford (circa 1200 AD)

Another castle in Carlingford, with dodgy ice-cream van (circa 1982?)

White-washing/painting old Irish houses... the original never-ending job!

Irish Road Signs... they make no sense, but they look good, just like One Direction!

THIS is an official Irish road... and I'm driving on the wrong side..omg..

Sphincter unclenches as we stop for a photo-op...

"It's like we're in a real postcard, Papa!" - #No 1 Son (8)

(Sigh, I don't miss Oireland, not at all...)

In Bray, when the upcoming airshow holds an unscheduled rehearsal #sweet

I see you mountain-ish. Today, we climb you, Bray Head...

On the very, very, straight non-upward moving road to climb Bray Head...

When we saw this ruin, I realized we were going the wrong way!!

... oops, here's the stairs we needed to take...

Ah, there's Bray Head cross... we're on the way... finally :)

#No 1 Son (I'll call him "Donatello" to protect his identity)...and someone else!

Such a bad parent here: "Go on, my son... climb that mother, you can do it!!!"

... and he did... standing tall, 791 feet above sea level (that's mah boy :)

Victorious Bray Head Climbers! (Is nowhere safe from the Selfie???)

The stunning view we earned...

The American kid who found a $2 *Canadian* coin... in Dublin...

Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

Absolutely fascinating place...

Picture taken at 3 p.m. ...

... 15 mins later (I *don't* miss Ireland... much :)

Hallowed, historic grounds where no man treads...

No, for real, y'all...

Ok, I miss Ireland a little...

But not when it's raining (though I do love the optimistic vendor :)

And no stinking rain is going to stop our fun!!

Rain stopped... time for a drive on the Green Machine...

"You'll never catch me, coppers!!!"

... The End...

Friday, July 17, 2015 16 comments

Ireland Pics & T-14 Weeks to REVIVAL


My first book, REVIVAL: The Donald Braswell Story comes out in a meerkat (I keep hiding & ducking) fourteen weeks!

I'm happy to report nothing will go wrong and all my marketing plans have proven to be brilliant.
(Shoot, I forgot... it's not fiction, it's a memoir:)

In any case, I'm continuing the soft sell (if the book isn't good enough, no amount of CoverBlogHops is going to help) so what's a guy supposed to do?

Why not go to Ireland with your eldest son? Ok, then.

 I hide his identity better than he wears Donatello's mask, but here's part one of my recent trip with No. 1 Son(8).

We flew from Washington, D.C. July 4...

....and found a rainbow in Dublin July 5

My neighborhood at 10 p.m. !!!

Ma cooked her son an Irish Breakfast

Only in Ireland... a bottle opener attached to the TV stand!!
I originally laughed when I heard a chip company opened a theme park...

Ireland and its many cemeteries... this one by a major tributary...

This one is *next* to the men's restroom at above-mentioned theme park...

*This* View...

...Really Happens...

...A Lot !!!

...After the Guinness has been delivered :)

These two Marks know each other 40 years...

Church where my parents married...

500 yards away...another church (it's Ireland!)

Friends don't let friends dress as Vikings....

...Unless this is your Viking Vehicle (Ask for Paul: YEAH!!)

And, oh my... once you get out of Dublin...

This road is great if your legs hurt so much that walking a mountain is impossible

How old is this cottage? 200 years? What happened??

Where did the family go? America? Cordoba?
Next week... part two... and I'm sure some book news, too... maybe?? :)

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