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A deep bow toward the hips (ouch!) as I must give all credit for the below information to the wonderful Tammy Theriault.


Charlie's Scribes

It's time to give back to all the wonderful bloggers everywhere...

Do you need a break after yet another epic fail? 

Ever yearn to relearn that writeous feeling of fingers flying and keyboards smoking?
We may not be professional Hulu/Hula dancers, but we know what you’re feeling!
And, by gosh, we are here to help!
 a new FREE service featuring the angelic smiles of:
The professional women of Charlie’s Scribes (and Mark, too) have only one goal: To fight writer's block & fill empty post slots throughout the blogosphere –
or your next post is free!

At Charlie’s Scribes, our motto is “You Snooze, We Muse.” 
To begin, our free services will focus on guest posting for people on vacation or anyone needing a bloggy break.
(E.g. we send over the complete post, you schedule and we’ll manage comments.)
 If you have a need, we can do the deed – with speed, indeed.

 Charlie’s Scribes are the chocolate to your sweet tooth. We are the filler to the soon-to-be cavity. And best of all, we are the wig to Mark's shiny lovable head.
(If you don’t need us now – that’s okay. Feel free to print this page and pin it to your fridge next to those other emergency contact numbers.)
 And now for some awesome fine print in 12-point Times New Roman.

·         Meant as a fun, pay-it-forward endeavor, the Scribes will, at first, focus on only one project at a time.
·         Requests are on a first write, first served basis. The more time we have to be funny, the wittier we are. (Mark often requires a ten-year lead-in time.)
·         All Charlie’s Scribes posts will be light, fluffy and non-pasteurized. No meaning of life posts will be considered, written or submitted (for fear of blood seeping from the Scribes’ eyes.)
·         Requests for specific topics are encouraged, but please note who you are dealing with. (Seriously!)
·         Should the Scribes continue to get along (and not have a strong, adverse desire to build a voodoo doll of other Scribes,) hosted interviews, co-hosted Cover Reveals/ Book Launches and more free services may be added
·         Question? Suggestions? Please reply via comments and one of the Scribes will reply within 364 business days.
·         The Request Line for Charlie’s Scribes help is now OPEN and all requests should be made to charliesscribes@gmail.com



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